Hades Juggernaut by andyparkart
The Juggernaut was a creation of Fused Energies, Undead, and metal tendrils. It was created similarly to Maoka in one of the LoL arena's, but instead decided to move away from the League of Legends, seeing as it couldn't be killed by anyone it met. It fought many Undead and absorbed them, causing him to gain actual intelligence from their combined minds. It met Firetrail4 and fought him, but Firetrail4 only ended up convincing him to join the Force.

Powers and abilities

This mix of unusual things is incredibly slow, but impossible to stop or slow down. Seeing as he needs no air, he is unaffected by water or space. He also is basically growing muscle, bone, metal tendrils, metal armor, and energy. He is basically the slow moving killer that ends up finishing a trapped enemy.

Base stats

Base stats for this character have not yet been fully calculated.

Advanced Techniques

Dead Man WalkingTemplate:Physical - No cooldown

  • Innate: The Juggernaut is unaffected by all stuns, weak attacks and lift attacks. It also regenerates it's fleshy parts, seeing as they were made from the magic and powers of Necromancy and Undead.

Growing BoneTemplate:Physical - No cooldown

  • Passive: The Juggernaut increases it's Attack by 30% and it's defense by 15% in exchange for 40% less Speed.
  • Active: The Juggernaut covers it's exposed flesh with hardened carbonized bone and reinforces it's interior flesh with bone as well.

Tendril Latch Template:Physical - 20 seconds

  • Active: The Juggernaut extends one of it's exterior tendrils to latch onto an opponent and pull them to him. It then transforms it's arms into a thin blade and stabs through the caught opponent to cause 300 damage.

Punch? Template:Physical - 0.1 seconds

  • Passive: When the Juggernaut punches someone who takes the hit, the arm melts and latches onto the opponent, causing the opponent to be stunned for 4 seconds after the attack is executed.
  • Active: After the arm melts onto the opponent, microtendrils within the flesh follow and combine to stab straight through the opponent at incredible speeds to cause 150 damage and another 30 damage from the contamination.


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