Race Khajiit
Age 27
Gender Male
Affiliation Evil
Time Period A World Without Music
Primary Skill
Powers Inspired By The Elder Scrolls
Origination Original
Faction Saline Soldiers
IRC Nickname J'zharr
Used By Starman

J'zharr is a highly-trained assassin and thief.


J'zharr was kidnapped and sold into slavery in his youth. But a few days later, when his captors moved to Skyrim for an opportunity, they were attacked and killed by bandits, who took J'zharr, as well as three others in as one of their own.

Throughout most of J'zharr's life, he worked for the bandits, and sharpened his skills in combat and stealth. He eventually became a chief of a certain division of bandits. Unfortunately for him, this didn't last too long, as his division was killed, and he and the other three refugees turned chiefs were arrested and brought to Helgen for execution. After a dragon attacked the village, they escaped, and went their separate ways, living separate lives.

J'zharr, in particular, joined the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild, and brought both groups to power, just as they were in the past. The former, however, was attacked by the Penitus Oculatus before its rise; the offending group was taken control of by Kardryar, who wanted to make sure no one would interfere with his plan of taking over Skyrim. As a result, many of the Dark Brotherhood's major members were killed; only three survived.

Because of this, J'zharr vowed to avenge his dead comrades by hunting down and killing Kardryar; he had been pursuing him ever since.

Role in PlotEdit

Kardryar had escaped to the User Battle Force's universe through a rift created by an Elder Scroll; J'zharr stepped through this same rift, but could not find Kardryar anywhere. Regardless, he continued his pursuit, weapons in hand, which alerted the guards in the area; J'zharr managed to evade them, and traveled to another country. There, he witnessed members of the Saline Soldiers dragging out Caliborn from a nearby tournament venue, which had been invaded and destroyed by them; after a brief scoff, he continued to sneak by. One of the members, Celestia Ludenberg, caught on to his presence and cornered him. She suggested that he join them, but J'zharr demanded not only that he be paid, but that they assist him in tracking down and killing Kardryar as well. After reassurance that they would carry both out, he became part of the group.

Later, he calls upon Lairah, an old friend of his, after letting the Salines know that she can be of use to the group; she joins as well, but not before letting them know of her demand for pay.


J'zharr usually maintains a professional, businesslike behavior. However, he can be quite nefarious when the situation calls for it, and is especially ruthless in battle.

Despite this, he will also not hesitate to protect or avenge those he cares about.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Base StatsEdit

Base Stats
Stat Quantity
Special Attack
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J'zharr's base stats.

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