Note! This battle is over.

Thesecret1070: Hee-Hee.

Hero Forever: What? We're actually fighting?

Secret: Yes. Hee-Hee.

Hero: I should've known that I would wind up fighting you one day...considering I'm a hero and all.

Secret: Yes. Hee-Hee. You knocked Saber down... Hee-Hee. And now, I've recognized you as a threat to my plot.

Hero: Eh? When did I knock Saber down?

Secret: Hee-Hee. Off the third place in the featured users list... Anyways... It begins!

He got his position back almost instantaneously.

Hero: Oh, well, whatever.

-Hero Forever shoots fire at Secret-

-Allows myself to get hit-

Hero: Okay...

-creates a fire tornado and sends it Secret's way-

-Allows myself to get hit again-

-Sits down and unwraps a popsicle-

Secret: Hee-Hee. My friend.

-Walks out of the fire-

-Glares at Secret, trying to eat the popsicle-

Secret: I don't think the fires like you... Hee-Hee.

-The fire tornado comes at you along with the fire you shot at me-

-Simply absorbs the fire-

Hero: Didn't you see my battle with Deathwalker? The first thing I did was shoot fire at him. Fire is my main power, I can't be hurt by it! Wait...AWW! YOU MELTED MY POPSICLE!!!

Secret: It's not my fault... I can't manipulate fire... Wasn't part of my plan... Hee-Hee.

-Starts throwing punches at Secret, fire coming out of her fists with each jab-

-A force disallows you to hit me and you miss every punch-

-Shoots a massive fire wave out of her hands at Secret-

-The fire wave splits at the spot I'm standing, allowing me to not get hurt-

-Creates a fire sword and charges at Secret-

Hero: You will pay for melting my popsicle...! Oh, and for your life of crime and stuff.


-Swings the fire sword horizontally, attempting to slash Secret's stomach-

-It doesn't hurt me and I just smile-

Hero: ...?

-Does a huge backflip and lands ten feet away from Secret-

Secret: Is something... Bothering you?


-Swings the sword, creating a huge wave of fire that blazes towards Secret-

-It vanishes before it gets close to me-

-Points the fire sword at the sky. The sky turns red and a fiery meteor comes down from the sky, falling towards Secret-

-Stares at it-

-The meteor crashes right into Secret-

-Walks out from the meteor-

-Points the sword at Secret and shoots fire out of it-

[Deathwalker comes in]

Deathwalker13000: ........Hero, use your mind. Haven't you realized that a flurry of attacks are doing nothing?......................You can't fight a secret with physical attacks. You must fight him with your mind.

Secret: Hee-Hee. You're funny Deathwalker... I am in physical form right now... She's hitting me but luckily she isn't hurting me... Hee-Hee.

Arbiter: Isn't there still a wave of fire coming at you?

Secret: Indeed. Oh... Never mind... It just missed me.

-Creates a small volcano from the ground-


-Lava shoots out of the volcano, covering the battlefield-

-Touches the lava but it does not hurt me at all-

Secret: Cool.

-Hero Forever pulls the magma around her, and is soon enveloped by boiling hot lava-


Secret: Cool!

-Suddenly, the lava surrounding Hero Forever shoots towards Secret at full speed-

-Let's myself get hit-

-Hero Forever wipes her forehead with her fire-design bandana around her neck, and then, lets it drop back onto her baggy, white T-shirt-

Hero: I love this bandana.

-Walks up to you-

-Eyes widen-

Hero: Uh oh...

-Kicks you in the face-

-Flies back a distance, then, lands on her feet-

Hero: Ow...

[Says to himself]

Thefallenangel407: May as well watch...

-Appears behind Hero-

Secret: Hi.

-Whirls around and punches Secret across the face-

-Grabs your hand before you punch me-

-Attempts to punch Secret with other hand-

-Grabs your other hand then kicks you in the stomach-

-Cries out in pain, then, breathes fire on Secret-

-Absorbs the fire-

-Pulls out of Secret's grip and flies backwards-

[Angel creates a bag of popcorn for himself]

Angel: Mmh! It's surprisingly good for being in the air.

Secret: You're not powerful enough yet... When you get more powerful, come and find me, and we'll fight again. Hee-Hee.

-My physical form turns to dust and a purple light flies up to the sky-

Hero: What?! That's not fair! You can't just quit!

-You hear my voice echo in your head-

Secret: I'm not quitting... If you were more powerful, I would stay. But I'm not going to pick on a much weaker opponent. Hee-Hee.

-Voice fades away-

Angel: You can fight me if it'll make you feel better but I won't go easy on you.

Hero: Okay, this is the second time that one of my battles has ended in a draw. Are you villains upset with my inability to give up?

Secret: No... You're just too WEAK. Hee-Hee.

Hero: Then why don't you just kill me?

Secret: Because... I only kill if I need to...

Angel: "Let me freakin' talk here Micheal!!!"

Hero: I have fought two villains so far, and both of them ended each fight. Since when are villains so pacifistic?! Oh, well.

Secret: Okay. Zach, go ahead. Flirt.

Angel: Hey! I'm trying to offer a challenge aren't I? I promise to make the battle exciting!

Hero: Are you sure you want to fight me, FallenAngel? You've seen what I can do.

Angel: Yes I'm sure and you're just fighting a clone of the real Angel though...

Hero: Are you going to run away from the battle like Secret did?

Angel: No I'm not going to run away from the f***ing battle! You have my word on that.

Hero: Woah! No need to curse! And fine! I accept your challenge.

Angel: Hey! I censored it didn't I? And thanks!

Hero: Sure.

Arbiter: ".........How many times do I have to say it?.........I'm not a villain."



Arbiter: ".....since when is destroying evil classified as evil?"


Arbiter: " not be blinded by anger. I only destroy the guilty."

Hero: Then why did you attack ME?! By the way, you sound like Emperor Palpatine.

Arbiter: "........Emperor Palpatine would do well to follow his own advice. But I mean differently-as in that anger feels like power, but destroys you. And I didn't attack you- You were screaming your head off about justice and how I was an evil villain........."

Hero: YOU WERE THE ONE THREATENING TO DESTROY THE HUMAN RACE!!! (F.Y.I. I only shout like this sometimes to imitate one of my favorite heroes).

Arbiter: "...................was I? I only destroy what is inherently evil."

Hero: Oh, you were! You challenged me to stop you!

Angel: Hm...

Arbiter: "...............only if you were hotheaded enough to do it. Oh, but I wasn't planning on killing you."

Hero: Yeah, right. You were planning on destroying mankind, though.