Hanni Haiigi
Race Pachirisu/Human
Age 19
Gender Female
Theme Unknown
Affiliation Good
Occupation Ninja, student
Time Period Legacy of the User Battle Force
Primary Skill
Tier D- / F (currently unranked)

Hanni Haiigi is a Pachirisu that acquired a human form by unknown means.

Hanni was usually ranked very low in tier lists, the modern equivalent of the sub-low tier or bottom tier. This was due to her poor stats (her base stat total was 400, which was a far cry from the rest of the Force which had stat totals toppling 600,) poor attack stats, little sustain, and little team utility besides Super Fang. This led to her losing on many battles.

Physical Appearance Edit

She possesses two forms. A Pachirisu form which is completely golden and then a human from which is the form most people know her by. Her human form consists of her wearing a white dress with a blue stripe running down the middle of it. She possesses twin Pachirisu tails in this form as well as pink hair which could make one think that she is half shiny and half normal coloration. Others could think that the gold coloration in her Pachi form could be the result of this. She has chestnut colored eyes and her tails are always very sharp enough to slice through a tree.

History Edit

She was born as a human girl with twin tails that turned into Pachirisu tails on her 1st birthday. It was also at this point that she turned into her Pachirisu form and was unable to figure a way out of it.

While she was six she stumbled into the villaige that a certain blue haired girl lived in and was immediately caught by a young boy. He then started showering her with affection which then helped her jog her memory that she was actually a human and also a find a way to change back.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Base StatsEdit

Pachirisu FormEdit

Base Stats
Stat Quantity
Special Attack
Special Defense
Hanni Haiigi's base stats.

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