If you were looking for the Pokemon move, see Grudge.

Grudging is, in most cases, a form of godmoding and arc stalling. To grudge is to inflict a status condition, a handicap, or heavy damage on the opponents upon defeat, usually one which cannot be negated or healed. Drifloon and Driftblim's Aftermath ability is one of the only examples of fair grudging.

Grudging generally leads to arc stalling due to there being no possible way to achieve a comfortable setting after the grudge. If the winner is afflicted with an incurable condition, there is no possible way to advance the arc seeing as the opponent has already been defeated without a second match. Lowering their stats disproportionally results in extremely easy revenge attacks.

Short Examples of Grudging Edit

  • Inflicting non-curable Burn or Poison against an opponent after defeat
  • Using Explosion or similar moves after being defeated
    • It is fine to use Explosion or similar moves at the brink of defeat; it is not acceptable to use it after a defeat as a form of grudging.
  • Lowering the opponent's stats by a disproportional level after defeat to make it extremely hard to attack or defend themselves
  • Cursing the opponent after defeat to inflict passive and volatile effects
  • Drifloon and Driftblim's Aftermath ability (fair)

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