Tewi Inaba
Race Rabbit youkai
Age 1300
Gender Female
Theme Lord Usa's Elemental Flag [1]
Affiliation Good
Occupation The Lucky White Rabbit
Primary Skill
Tier Unknown as of this point

Granny Tewi is better known as a somewhat AU-ish version of the Touhou character known as Tewi. Whereas Tewi is typically depicted to be a prankster or a cruel and heartless person, Granny Tewi could be considered to be the polar opposite of that. Whereas she is also sometimes depicted as childish, Granny Tewi is depicted as being as adult as possible.


Granny Tewi could be best described as being Tewi Inaba that has an adult body. Due to her old age of 1300, she has bad vision which is why she wears grass-green glasses. She tends to brag a lot about her thick eyebrows for reasons which don't seem to be able to be explained. It is also due to old age.. and her large bust that she depends on a large, golden lead-filled mallet as a make-shift cane.


She tends to be caring and kindly towards many people as long as they make a good first impression with her. Due to her being a rabbit youkai, she is rather quick to scare and will either try to flee or fight the offender which the second one tends to happen a lot.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Seeing as she carries a very large lead-filled mallet that acts as her cane with her all the time, she has immense built-up strength that she utilizes mainly with said mallet. However, this can prove to be her downfall if she just so happens to miss with her mallet in any shape or form, whether she throws it or just swings it at an enemy's side or even makes an earthquake/fissure with it. On occasion, she can use her ears for various attacks such as knocking an enemy off their feet with a large gust of wind or even holding the enemy in a somewhat inescapable vicegrip. It should be noted that Tewi's defensive capabilities are directly connected to her back being intact or not. It is thanks to all this that she is ranked as an AD Glass Cannon.

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