The Game of Destiny is a game that is used to determine who is the strongest fighter and grant them an ultimate power. Prometheus and Pandora play an important role as they did for the game that Albert hosted.

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Bolded names mean victory for that side.

Round 1

  • Ultimate Veemon, Kitana, Scorpion, and Beelzemon v.s. Malloy Quintus and Hydra, Angel, Legend, and Ultimate
  • Lily, Bio, Starman, and Talia v.s. Mephiles
  • Beelzemon v.s. Ayumi and Hanni
  • Utsuho v.s. IiaRema and Shima
  • Starman, Yusei, and Bio v.s. Destroyman
  • Dark Paladin v.s. Lich King
  • Dark Paladin v.s. Kefka

Round 2

  • Did not occur


A person who is cloaked in shadows defeats the majority of the cast. Only Talia, Starman, Bio, High Max, the Platinum Knights, Wizardmon, and the Royal Knights are spared.