Freezing Potion
Freezing Potion




900 (from 10,000)




On use, freezes everything in a cone area in front of the bottle and deals 2 points of true damage. One use per battle.

Overview Edit

Freezing Potion has lost a lot of usage, and that is directly because of some of the new battle mechanics that render it obsolete. Skills now matter more than items, and the items that are used come with characters rather than being bought. For Neopets weapons like the Freezing Potion, they took the gutter and were never used again.

However, that isn't to say that people shouldn't still be using it. 2 points of true damage might not seem like a lot, but freezing is a very powerful status condition, and the Freezing Potion is one of the only weapons left that have a 100% chance of freezing (H4000 Helmet and Moehog Skull now paralyze, not freeze.) Considering its now-lowered price tag (900 from 10,000,) it is now a good deal rather than a rip-off that costs 10,000 points. Underestimate this now splashable weapon and you will pay.

Old Overview Edit

OU Edit

Who would imagine that a freezer from a kid's game can turn out to be this powerful (and expensive?) Even though this weapon is predictable, there is nothing that can "counter" Freeze. This is also one of the only freezers that do damage, making it even more devastating.

Although this weapon has a very handy attack, it is easily shut down by Duo-Water Tube who will reward the user of the tube with just the freeze while the freezer takes damage. 12 damage may not seem like much, but it may be a decisive move that could weaken the target just enough so that after the freeze, the defender can take the attacker down. Shields aren't mentioned as counters because they don't block the freeze, just the attack, and it doesn't do any damage to the attacker either. The Freezing Potion is a great weapon that could be easily be fit into battle sets, if not for its huge price, but it's worth every last BP.

Banned Battles Edit

Using the Freezing Potion in Banned Battles may seem awkward and may look like shooting yourself in the foot, as the Moehog Skull does everything the Freezing Potion does but better, and even blocks attacks. However, the Moehog Skull is direly weak to the Triple Turbo Dryer, as it reflects 75% of the weapon's attack and sends it back at triple the force (36 damage.) Also considering the price tag of the Moehog Skull, Freezing Potion starts to seem like a good option, although it is slightly outclassed by the H4000 Helmet in Banned Battles due to better reflectors being in BBs.