Weak Flamethrower
"Burn your opponents to the ground with this state-of-the-art Flamethrower."


Elemental Weapons


0 (from 750)




Upon activation, deals 30 special damage to enemies in a straight line, then hides the user in a cloud of smoke, giving them +2% special resistance and +5% dodge chance for 8 seconds. 20 second cooldown.

The Flamethrower is a beginner weapon.

Overview Edit

This weapon is, to put it blatantly, pathetic. The metagame has already shifted from being weapon-dominated to skill-dominated, and if weapons want to continue usage, they better have good passives, actives, and buffs. The weak Flamethrower has no buffs or passive to distinguish itself. Furthermore, its active is weak- 30 special damage is nothing when compared to powerful passives such as some League of Legends weapons. Its follow-up effect is also very, very weak. +2% special resistance is nothing, even for a beginner, and +5% dodge chance hardly makes a difference.

In fact, this weapon was so weak it was downgraded into a gift weapon given out to beginners who want to try out premade items. It's still not worth it, as the Flamethrower M is readily available for 300 points. Unlike this weapon, the Flamethrower M is actually a good beginner's weapon due to its wide array of buffs for its price and a much more improved active. It's ok to use for the first few days, but it's soon replaced.

Old Overview Edit

The weaker version of the flamethrower deals much less damage than its upgraded forms, but nonetheless packs a punch for beginner battlers. Juggle around with this weapon and one could find many uses for it, including a small smoke cloud good for evasion.

Being a Flamethrower at a very weak level, Sink completely destroys it. That's the case in TRGS and some battles here at Wiki4Battles. Burrow which can be obtained here can block over 70% of this weapon's attack and completely neutralizes the smoke bomb. Duo-Fire Tank and the Prismatic Mirror can reflect the fire/light in this weapon, respectively, and fire it back at double or triple the power, respectively again.

Basic Moonlight Armor blocks seven of every element except light, which means that this weapon would be neutralized in front of the armor's presence. The normal Moonlight Armor blocks fourteen of every element and blocks 6 light, as well as neutralize the secondary protective effects of damaging protection moves like this weapon's Smoke Bomb attack.

For the fools that cannot afford any of the above items, Bubble Shield will block 2 fire, which means this weapon will only end up doing at most 7 damage. An alternative to that foolish weak shield would be Flash which blocks 4 light and 2 physical, meaning this weapon will end up only doing at most 3 damage.