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Elemental Weapons








Basic Attack - 75(Icon - Fire) + 15(Icon - Direct)
Laser Cannon - 72(Icon - Fire) 13(Icon - Light) + 15(Icon - Light; 1-turn cooldown
Kamehameha (or Godly Fire Cannon) - 120(Icon - Fire) + 15(Icon - Dark) OR + 15(Icon - Light) (but not both at the same time); cannot be blocked or reflected whatsoever; 5-turn cooldown, cannot switch to Fire and Ice Blade mode during the cooldown. (Flip a coin to determine whether it does light or darkness damage; heads is light and tails is darkness; they will ALWAYS do 15 damage. It is NOT variable.)

Fire and Ice Blade damage Fire and Ice Blade

Basic Attack - 35(Icon - Ice), 35(Icon - Fire), 5(Icon - Direct) + 12(Icon - Direct)
Fire and Ice Fury - 50(Icon - Ice), 50(Icon - Fire) + 10(Icon - Direct); 5-turn cooldown, cannot switch to Flamethrower mode during the cooldown.


Healing Fire: Icon - Heal10%; 5-turn cooldown

Overview Edit

This weapon's power is nearly unmatched in Banned Battles. This is truly the strongest version of the Flamethrower with the capacity to burn opponents with its built-in Blue Fire attack, or just plainly decimate other battlers with its extremely powerful moves. The ability to heal yourself with fire, reload with any fire you want, and transform into the Fire and Ice Blade to avoid shields just makes it all the more cheaper.

However, this weapon, like any others, does not come without its drawbacks. Like all banned items, the drawbacks are slim to none; the slim ones, however, can be abused. The Clawed Shield, another banned item, reflects 90% of all fire and darkness attacks. This isn't really enough to block everything, but ensures that you won't be taking much damage while the user of the Flamethrower eats their own dust. Armor like the Moonlight Armor or the Dramon Armor can block this very well, but all three protectors have to be wary of the Godly Fire Cannon, as it can scorch through their defenses. The latter two armors will not block everything, however, and will not reflect the attack.

Methods of Obtainment Edit

Wiki4Battles Edit

Umbreon's Rare Shop

The Random Game Simulator Edit

Although the Ultimate Flamethrower does not exist in TRGS, the Fire and Ice Blade is sold at the weapon shop for 9,000,000G.

Trivia Edit

  • Although the name of this weapon is Flamethrower, the logo depicts Fire Blast rather than Flamethrower, which is ironic because the predecessor depicted Blast Burn, a technique stronger than Fire Blast.
  • The Fire and Ice Blade originated from Neopets.