"Guaranteed to make your opponent's battle a living hell or your money back."


Elemental Weapons


400 ~ 450




Basic Attack: 15(Icon - Fire), 7(Icon - Light) + 7(Icon - Direct)
Laser Cannon: 18(Icon - Fire), 6(Icon - Light) + 8(Icon - Light)
Supernova Rays (aka Blast Burn): 35(Icon - Fire) + 10(Icon - Dark) or 10(Icon - Light) (but not both at the same time.)
Heal: All(Block - Fire). If the user has negative points, it will revert back to 0.

The strongest version of the flamethrower deals considerably more damage than its predecessor. It has powers that the other two doesn't, including being able to heal oneself with fire, send off a faster laser rather than a stream (but wastes energy), the sacred Supernova Blast Burn attack, and having a "pocket" version, which can fold itself and make it pocket-compatible.

Damage Edit

This Flamethrower has the option of firing a laser that does 18 fire and up to 14 light, or do its regular no-cooldown attack, which does 15 fire and up to 14 light. Very few have the power to resist this weapon's "Blast Burn" tactic, being able to fire off multiple bursts of shining nova rays that blindly destroys the battlefield (specific damage is 35 fire with either up to 10 light/darkness, but not both.) What makes this weapon even more powerful is that most shields have not been designed for fire-element damage (to name the only fire protectors, Bubble Shield, which is weak, Burrow, which is pricey, Sink, which is rare, and Duo-Fire Tank, which does not reflect everything.) The Laser Hazer, a popular shield for blocking the Shoop Da Whoop Cannon, is not effective against this weapon's powerful fire laser, making this the most powerful high-leveled item on the store.

Counters Edit

Wiki4battles and TRGS Edit

Although this is the strongest Flamethrower, Sink STILL completely destroys it, and that is because this weapon's elements (fire, light, darkness, and direct) all fall under the category that can be blocked by sink. That's the case in TRGS and some battles here at Wiki4Battles. Burrow which can be obtained here can block 50% of any attack that this weapon launches at it. Duo-Fire Tank, Prismatic Mirror, and rarely the Duo-Moon Breaker can reflect the fire/light/darkness in this weapon, respectively, and fire it back at double or triple the power.

The Moonlight Armor blocks fourteen of every element and blocks 6 light, making the basic attack's max power 9, the laser's power 11, and the Blast Burn's attack 27, which is significantly less than the full attack.

There are no alternatives to the above counters.

Methods of Obtainment Edit


Buy at Starman's MUB Weapon Store.

The Random Game SimulatorEdit

Buy at Mike's Intermediate Shop.

Trivia Edit

  • Although the name of this weapon is Flamethrower, the logo depicts Blast Burn rather than Flamethrower.