Medium Flamethrower
"Scorch your enemies with this state-of-the-art Flamethrower! Now comes with a jet pack feature!"


Elemental Weapons






+20 Ability Power


Upon activation, deals 70 special damage to enemies in a straight line, then hides the user in a cloud of smoke, giving them +10% special resistance and +20% dodge chance for 7 seconds. 60 second cooldown.

Overview Edit

The old overview couldn't put it any better. This version of the flamethrower is easily better than its predecessor, and has much more useful abilities. Although the metagame shift has rendered weapons near-useless, this remains a good item for beginners and for weaker characters.

Old Overview Edit

The moderate version of the flamethrower deals considerably more damage than its predecessor. It has powers that the other one doesn't, including having a laser jet feature that lets one use the flamethrower as a jet pack as well.

Being a Flamethrower at a medium level, Sink completely destroys it. That's the case in TRGS and some battles here at Wiki4Battles. Burrow which can be obtained here can block over 70% of this weapon's attack and completely neutralizes the jet pack. Duo-Fire Tank and the Prismatic Mirror can reflect the fire/light in this weapon, respectively, and fire it back at double or triple the power, respectively again.

The Moonlight Armor blocks fourteen of every element and blocks 6 light, as well as neutralize the secondary protective effects of damaging protection moves like this weapon's Jet Pack attack, rendering this weapon useless in front of it.