Fire Flower
"Easily burn your opponents with this flame-based plant."


Elemental Weapons




Super Mario Bros.


14(Icon - Fire), 6(Icon - Light) + 3(Icon - Direct)


Shoop Da Whoop Family Branch

The Fire Flower is a relatively lightweight and effective weapon to intermediate and early players. It is like a reversed Shoop Da Whoop Cannon except it is slightly weaker and cheaper. There is also a variant of this weapon: the Ice Flower.

Damage Edit

The Fire Flower obviously does fire-element damage in large amounts - in comparison to the much preferred Shoop Da Whoop Cannon, this does more fire damage and less light damage.

Counters Edit

The reason why Fire Flower is such a rare weapon is because it is easily blocked by almost everything - naming some, the Duo-Fire Tank, Prismatic Mirror, and even the Laser Hazer because this is a branch of the Shoop Da Whoop Cannon. The common skills Burrow, Torch Dose, and Harden make it hard for this weapon to dent the enemy.

Methods of Obtainment Edit

Wiki4Battles Edit

Buy at Starman's MUB Weapon Store.

The Random Game Simulator Edit

Like the branches of the Cannon family, this does not exist in TRGS.