The Fantasma Arc was the sixth arc of events to take place at User Battle Wiki and the fifth to take place at the User Battle Wiki IRC. It was accompanied by the Core Frontier Sub-Arc. This arc was notably much more difficult than the previous arcs.

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Story Edit

The natural feeling of triumph emerges when one is defeated.

Emerging from what seems like the depths of the shadows, the Fantasmas make their move in early 2015. Soon, their rise of power will begin.

But what happens when the defeat causes one to lose it all?

They have defeated and captured Gold Starman, Talia, Timson, Jen Sophietta, and Pro....

Some battles just aren't worth winning.

The Fantasmas, turning their backs on the remaining heroes, get to work on building up the most powerful team of all time....

You may feel triumph...

Their conquest of the world will bring eternal sorrow and destroy hope.

...but the other feels only sorrow and defeat.

As the heroes were being defeated, Yusei, Jack, and Akiza are seen wondering around. Yuseif finds a card called Simple Gifts, but it has no text. While Akiza asked Yusei why he was making such a big deal out of it, Funesto appears, knocks aside Yusei, and retreats, giving him time to recover.

Ylana Skyfire arrives before Angel and his allies, hired to capture them. After defeating them, she brings them to the Fantasma base. A grunt appears, and Ylana asks him where the money is. After admitting that he "forgot" the payment, Ylana assaults him and easily beats him down. Enraged that she can't get her payment, she disappears and leaves on Dr. Sloth's spaceship.

Awesome Sigh Guy manages to sneak in the prison. Mysterio catches him as he is about to free the heroes though, and knocks him, along with Starry, aside. After asking if anyone has seen Ylana, as he finally has the money, FNTS Butterfly shows up and admits that the cell isn't key operated. They initiate a base lockdown, but Gerald shows up. Though he too is easily defeated, an explosion is heard nearby. Butterfly calls their leader, who walks in. Angel's crew attempts to harm him, but he is unaffected by the attacks. He gives them the chance to escape, but none do.

Meanwhile, Bio, Yusei, Mark, Sherry, and Akiza find a Sluohg tower. They ride up, only to find red pillars. As they examine them, solid rainbow-like structures circle them. Several Turbo Duels occur as they scale these spirals.

Featured Duels - 2/19/11

Duel 1Edit

___________ v.s. Yusei

Yusei's turn

  • Discards Quillbolt Hedgehog (ATK 800 / DEF 800) to Special Summon Quickdraw Synchron (ATK 700 / DEF 1400) in Defense Position.
  • Because a Tuner monster exists on the field, Yusei Special Summons "Quillbolt Hedgehog" (ATK 800 / DEF 800) from the Graveyard using its special ability in Defense Position.
  • Normal Summons Level Eater (ATK 600 / DEF 0) in Attack Position.
  • Sends "Quickdraw Synchron" and "Level Eater" to the Graveyard and "Quillbolt Hedgehog" to the Removed from play Zone to Synchro Summon Stardust Dragon (ATK 2500 / DEF 2000) in Attack Position.
  • Places 2 cards facedown.

___________'s turn

  • Activates Normal Spell Card Monster Reborn to special summon "Quickdraw Synchron" from Yusei's Graveyard (ATK 700 / DEF 1400) in Defense Position.
  • Normal Summons 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom (ATK 800 / DEF 1200) in Attack Position.
  • Sends "Quickdraw Synchron" to Yusei's Graveyard and "4-Starred Ladybug of Doom" to the Graveyard to Synchro Summon Colossal Fighter (ATK 2800 / DEF 1000) in Attack Position, but Yusei activates Starlight Road II, negating the Synchro Summon and Special Summoning a second "Stardust Dragon" (ATK 2500 / DEF 2000) from his Extra Deck in Attack Position.
  • ___________ places a facedown.
  • Yusei activates Dust Tornado, destroying it.

Yusei's turn

  • Uses Soul Release, losing 2000 Life Points as a result of Speed World 2. (8000 > 6000) He removes from play "Quickdraw Synchron" and "Level Eater" from his Graveyard.
  • Uses Dimension Fusion, paying 4000 Life Points (2000 as a result of its initial effect and another 2000 due to Speed World 2) (6000 > 4000 > 2000) and Special Summons "Quickdraw Synchron", "Level Eater", and "Quillbolt Hedgehog" from his Removed from play Zone.
  • Sends "Quickdraw Synchron", "Quillbolt Hedgehog", and "Level Eater" to the Graveyard to Synchro Summon Red Dragon Archfiend (ATK 3000 / DEF 2000) in Attack Position.
  • Directly attacks ___________ with all monsters. (8000 > 5500 > 3000 > 0)

Yusei wins.

Duel 2Edit

Unknown2 v.s. Akiza

Unknown2's turn

  • Plays 3 cards facedown and ends turn.

'Akiza's turn

  • Unknown2 activates Embodiment of Apophis, treating it as a monster (ATK 1600). Akiza counters with Double Shock. She discards two cards to destroy all 3 Trap Cards.
  • Speed World 2 activates: Akiza suffers 2000 points of damage (LP 8000 > 6000)
  • Uses Graceful Charity. Akiza draws three cards and then discards Grow-Up Bulb and Level Eater.
  • Speed World 2 activates: Akiza suffers 2000 points of damage (LP 6000 > 4000)
  • Sends top card of deck to the Graveyard to Special Summon "Grow-Up Bulb" (ATK 100 / DEF 100) from her Graveyard.
  • Tributes "Grow-Up Bulb" to summon Raiza the Storm Monarch (ATK 2400 / DEF 1000).
  • Attacks directly (8000 > 5600)

Unknown2's turn

  • Places 4 cards facedown and ends turn.

'Akiza's turn'

  • Summons Copy Plant (ATK 0 / DEF 0) in attack position.
  • Subtracts 1 level from "Raiza the Storm Monarch" to summon "Level Eater" (ATK 600 / DEF 0) in Attack Position.
  • Attacks directly with "Copy Plant". Unknown2 counters with Magic Cylinder, dealing no damage.
  • "Level Eater" attacks directly. Unknown2 activates Sakuretsu Armor, destroying the attacking monster and negating the attack.
  • "Raiza the Wind Monarch" attacks directly. Unknown2 activates Negate Attack, negating the attack and ending the battle phase.
  • Mega comments on the foolish timing of these cards.

Unknown2's turn

  • Activates Dian Keto of the Cure Master: Unknown2 gains 1000 Life Points but loses 2000 life points as a result of "Speed World 2". (5600 > 6600 > 4600)
  • Mega comments on the foolishness of the move altogether.

Akiza's turn

  • Summons Plant Restrainer (ATK 1600 / DEF 1000) in Attack Position.
  • Activates Card of Sanctity: Both players draw until they have six cards in their hands. (Note: The real-life effect of this card requires the user to remove from play all cards on his/her field and hand, then draw two cards, not six.)
  • "Plant Restrainer"'s ability activates: Unknown2's drawn cards are removed from play.
  • "Speed World 2" activates: Akiza suffers 2000 points of damage (LP 4000 > 2000).
  • Removes 1 level from "Plant Restrainer" to Special Summon "Level Eater" (ATK 600 / DEF 0) from her Graveyard.
  • "Copy Plant" copies level of "Plant Restrainer" (Level 3).
  • Sends "Copy Plant", "Plant Restrainer", and "Level Eater" to the Graveyard to Synchro Summon Black Rose Dragon (ATK 2400 / DEF 1800) in Attack Position.
  • Directly attacks Unknown2 with "Black Rose Dragon" and "Raiza the Storm Monarch" (Unknown2's life points: 4600 > 2200 > 0).

Akiza wins.

Duel 3Edit

Unknown3 v.s. Sherry

Sherry's Turn

  • Activates Hand Destruction, forcing her and her opponent to discard two cards.
  • Speed World 2 activates: Sherry takes 2000 points of damage. (LP 8000 → 6000)
  • Sacred Knight's Priest's effect activates: It is automatically summoned to the field in Attack Position (ATK 0 / DEF 2000).
  • Sherry activates Sacred Knight's Priest's effect: at the cost of half of her Life Points (LP 6000 → 3000), she can Special Summon two "Sacred Knight" cards from her Graveyard; she Special Summons Sacred Knight's Shield Bearer and Sacred Knight's Spearholder.
  • Normal Summons Fleur Synchron (ATK 400 / DEF 200).
  • Tunes "Fleur Synchron" with "Sacred Knight's Priest", "Sacred Knight's Shield Bearer", and "Sacred Knight's Spearholder" to Synchro Summon Sacred Knight's Ravage in Attack Position (ATK 4000 / DEF 0).
  • Activates Equip Spell Card "Megamorph", doubling "Sacred Knight's Ravage"'s ATK as long as her Life Points are lower than the opponent's. (ATK 4000 → 8000 / DEF 0)
  • Activates "Sacred Knight's Ravage"'s effect: It can attack, ignoring any and all conditions, but aftereffects still occur. "Sacred Knight's Ravage" attacks Unknown 3 directly. (LP 8000 → 0)

Sherry wins by FTK.

Duel 4Edit

Unknown4 v.s. Bio

Unknown4's turn

  • Summons Vorse Raider and places 3 cards face down.

Bio's turn

  • Special summons Cyber Dragon.
  • Sets monster and places 2 cards face down.

Unknown4's turn

  • Uses Raigeki (8000 > 6000)
  • Activates face down Harpie's Feather Duster, destroying Bio's face down cards.
  • Summons Slate Warrior. Direct attacks with both monsters (8000 > 6100 > 4200)

Bio's turn

  • Special summons another Cyber Dragon.
  • Sacrifices it to special summon Cyber Eltanin in defense mode, sending Vorse Raider and Slate Warrio to the graveyard.
  • Removes Cyber End Dragon from play to special summon Malefic Cyber End Dragon.

Unknown4's turn

  • Uses Monster Reborn to bring back Vorse Raider (4000 > 2000).
  • Tributes it to summon Caius the Shadow Monarch.
  • Uses ability to remove Malefic Cyber End Dragon from play. (Bio's life points: 4200 > 3200).
  • Destroys Cyber Eltalin.

Bio's turn

  • Summons another Malefic Cyber End Dragon on the field and ends turn.

Unknown4's turn

  • Uses Fissure and destroys Malefic Cyber End Dragon.
  • Direct attacks (3200 > 800)

Bio's turn

  • Sets monster and card face down.

Unknown4's turn

  • Equips Big Bang Shot to Caius the Shadow Monarch and attacks. Bio counters with Magic Cynlider (Unknown4's life points: 2000 > 0)

Unknown5 does not appear, so the heroes safely move on to the top. There, Yusei finds out that the pillar was a fake. The inhabitants of the pillar are arrested shortly after.

Core Frontier Crossover

The Platinum Knights re-emerge on the scene, now stronger than before and less cocky. Hearing of the dueling environment taking place around the pillars of Slouhg, Handy readies his deck, which is interrupted by a surprising guest- Leviamon of the 7 Demon Lords. A ground duel is fought between these two while Yusei discusses the meaning of "Simple Gifts" with Nia Rema, Iia Rema's mother. Nia burns off a layer of the card, revealing a hidden line of text, but the card seems to protect itself by erasing not only the text but the card image. Saun suspects this is a trap, but Yusei says otherwise.

The crew then sets out to defeat the pillars of Slouhg. They are, however, apprehended by Lucemon who demands a duel. Yusei accepts, and while Lucemon seems to start off with an advantage, Yusei's superior skills allowed him to pull off a Synchro Summon and destroy his defenses. The card hologram was too powerful for Lucemon to handle, and he fainted within one turn despite his Life Points still being over 5000.

Finally, when the crew arrived at the first pillar of Slouhg, a lockdown was initiated. Yusei and co. try to find a way to break through...

Featured Duels - 2/20/11

Handy v.s. Leviamon Edit

Handy's turn

  • Normal Summons Worm Xex (ATK 1800 / DEF 1000) in Attack Position.
  • Sets 2 cards.

Leviamon's turn

Handy's turn

  • Normal Summons Worm Solid (ATK 1000 / DEF 1600) in Defense Position.
  • Attacks and destroys "Warrior Dai Grepher" with "Worm Xex" (Life Points: 8000 → 7900).
  • Activates Continuous Spell Card Advance Force: from now on, the controller may tribute 1 Level 5 or above monster to Tribute Summon 1 Level 7 or above monster.

Leviamon's turn

Handy's turn

  • Sets 1 monster.

Leviamon's turn

  • Attacks Handy's face-down monster (Damage Eater) and destroys it.

Handy's turn

  • Normal Summons Fortress Warrior (ATK 600 / DEF 1200) in Defense Position.
  • Sets 1 card.

Leviamon's turn

  • Activates Scapegoat: 4 Sheep Tokens (ATK 0 / DEF 0) are Special Summoned to Leviamon's field in Defense Position. (This is technically impossible as two monster card zones are already occupied; "Scapegoat" should have only summoned three Sheep Tokens, not four, unless The Seal of Orichalcos was in play.)

Handy's turn

  • Normal Summons Jurrac Monoloph (ATK 1500 / DEF 1200) in Attack Position.
  • Switches "Worm Solid" to Attack Position.
  • "Jurrac Monoloph" destroys a Sheep Token.
  • "Worm Solid" destroys a Sheep Token.
  • "Worm Xex" destroys a Sheep Token.

Note: Handy could have activated "Jurrac Monoloph"'s ability, destroying all four Scapegoats, Marauding Captain, AND Mother Grizzly, and could have switched "Fortress Warrior" to Attack Position as well for an all-out attack. If this was the case, Leviamon's Life Points would be 7900 → 6900 → 6300 → 4500.

Leviamon's turn

  • Normal Summons Dark Rabbit (ATK 1100 / DEF 1500) in Defense Position.

Handy's turn

  • "Jurrac Monoloph" destroys a Sheep Token.
  • "Worm Xex" destroys "Dark Rabbit".

Leviamon's turn

Handy's turn

  • Normal Summons Key Mouse (ATK 100 / DEF 100) in Defense Position.

Note: Considering how Leviamon has paltry defenses at this point, "Versago the Destroyer" could have been destroyed with "Worm Solid" and direct attacks with "Worm Xex", "Jurrac Monoloph", etc. could have happened.

Leviamon's turn

  • Sets 1 card.

Handy's turn

  • Sends "Jurrac Monoloph" and "Worm Solid" to the Graveyard to Synchro Summon Chaos King Archfiend (ATK 2600 / DEF 2600) in Attack Position.
  • "Chaos King Archfiend" destroys "Versago the Destroyer".
  • Sets a card.

Note: The Synchro Summon's timing was quite bad, as Handy could have done this turns before. Furthermore, "Jurrac Monoloph" is not a Fiend-Type Tuner monster, making the Synchro Summon itself impossible.

Leviamon's turn

  • Sets a card.

Handy's turn

  • Normal Summons Bicorn Re'em (ATK 800 / DEF 1600) in Attack Position.
  • Switches all monsters to Attack Position.
  • All monsters attack Leviamon directly (Life Points 7900 → 7100 → 6500 → 6400 → 3800)*.

Note: In the original, the damage done from "Warrior Dai Grepher"'s destruction was not calculated, resulting in 3900 Life Points; this would not have mattered.

Leviamon's turn

  • Leviamon passes.

Handy's turn

  • All monsters attack Leviamon directly (Life Points 3800 → 1400 → 600 → 0).

Handy wins.

Yusei v.s. Lucemon Edit

Lucemon's turn

  • Normal Summons "Fortress Warrior" (ATK 600 / DEF 1200) in Defense Position.
  • Sets 1 card.

Yusei's turn

  • Activates Hand Destruction - both players must discard two cards and draw two cards. Yusei discards Dandylion and Speed Warrior.
  • "Dandylion"'s effect activates: two Fluff Tokens (ATK 0 / DEF 0) are Special Summoned to the field in Defense Position.
  • Activates Fissure, destroying "Fortress Warrior".
  • Activates Mystical Space Typhoon, destroying Lucemon's set card.
  • Normal Summons Junk Synchron (ATK 1300 / DEF 500) in Attack Position.
  • "Junk Synchron"'s effect activates: "Speed Warrior" (ATK 900 / DEF 400) is Special Summoned from Yusei's Graveyard to the field in Defense Position with its effects negated.
  • Sends "Junk Synchron", 2 "Fluff Tokens", and "Speed Warrior" to the Graveyard to Synchro Summon Junk Berserker (ATK 2700 / DEF 1800) in Attack Position.
  • Directly attacks Lucemon with "Junk Berserker". (Life Points 8000 → 5300)

The hologram's attack is too overwhelming for Lucemon; Lucemon faints.

Yusei wins.

Shisume, Bio, and Yusei are nearby another pillar. Shisume meets up with some of her allies, but later gets a concussion. FNTS Butterfly shows up to taunt the heroes, and redirects the attacks Shisume uses. Yusei leaves and Akiza arrives shortly afterwards, asking where Yusei is. Shisume and her allies leave, when Bio notices the same Mysterious Figure from before. The 2 follow him up the pillar, when he draws the Seal of Orichalcos on the top of it. The tower crumbles as Akiza and Bio escape. The figures absorbs energy from it and teleports when the fragments explode.

Later on, Akiza bursts into the prison that Talia and co. were in. However, Mysterio finds her and challenges her to a duel. Though she tries, she is overwhelmed by Mysterio, and is defeated. Bio is found inside the cell, however, who opens up a Corridor of Darkness to let Talia and Starman escape. Mysterio closes it, trapping Bio. However, the Kingdom Hearts version is seen outside, while the Bass version is sapped of his strength. Mysterio takes Akiza prisoner while Bio, Talia, and Starman retreat on Extreme Gears and Ride Chasers. They meet up with Rebecca Abernathy. She explains the plants she grows, which have superior vitamins and supports the immune system, and the tale of how she got them in the first place.

Featured Duels - 2/21/11

Akiza Izinski v.s. "Fantasma" Mysterio Edit

Akiza's turn

  • Activates Spell Card Graceful Charity: Akiza draws three cards and discards Glow-Up Bulb and Cardinal Crocodile.
  • Activates "Glow-Up Bulb"'s effect: By sending the top card of her Deck to the Graveyard, it is Special Summoned to Akiza's field (ATK 100 / DEF 100).
  • Activates Monster Reborn, Special Summoning "Cardinal Crocodile" from the Graveyard (ATK 1100 / DEF 1200).
  • Normal Summons Lonefire Blossom (ATK 500 / DEF 1400) and immediately uses its effect to Tribute itself to Special Summon Tytannial, Princess of Camellias (ATK 2800 / DEF 2600) in Attack Position.
  • Sends "Glow-Up Bulb" and "Cardinal Crocodile" to the Graveyard to Synchro Summon Splendid Rose (ATK 2200 / DEF 2000) in Attack Position.
  • Sets 3 cards.

Mysterio's turn

  • Activates Spell Card Heavy Storm, destroying Akiza's three Set cards.
  • Activates Spell Card Hammer Shot, destroying the card with the most ATK on the field ("Tytannial, Princess of Camellias").
  • Activates Spell Card Mind Control, taking control of Akiza's "Splendid Rose" for one turn.
  • Normal Summons Ghost Synchron then sends both "Ghost Synchron" and "Splendid Rose" to their respective owners' Graveyards to Synchro Summon Chaos King Archfiend (ATK 2600 / DEF 2600) in Attack Position.
  • Attacks directly (Life Points: 8000 → 5400)
  • Sets 1 card.

Akiza's turn

  • Mysterio activates Trap Card "Time Seal", skipping Akiza's Draw Phase. Akiza's only card is the Level 6 Gigaplant.
  • Akiza passes.

Mysterio's turn

  • Activates Spell Card Card of Demise: Mysterio draws 5 cards, but in 5 turns, he must discard his entire hand.
  • Activates Trap Recycler: By paying half of his Life Points (LP 8000 → 4000) he is able to return 1 Trap Card from his Graveyard or Removed from play Zone to his hand. Mysterio selects "Time Seal".
  • Normal Summons Gene-Warped Warwolf (ATK 2000 / DEF 100) in Attack Position.
  • Attacks directly with all monsters (Life Points: 5400 → 3400 → 800).
  • Sets "Time Seal".

Akiza's turn

  • Mysterio activates Trap Card "Time Seal", skipping Akiza's Draw Phase.
  • Akiza passes.

Mysterio's turn

  • Attacks directly with all monsters (Life Points: 800 → 0).

Mysterio wins.

While the heroes are doing nothing, Tiera and Shizume appear. Zhiume mocks Tiera's hair, as it is filled with fruit. Prinny comes in just as a Scout Grunt for the Fantasmas arrive. The grunt confronts Shizume, Tiera, Dizzy-Chan, and Prinny. Mysterio appears and stops the grunt. After several warnings, Rebecca comes in, disappointed that she missed the battle. Though she was only trying to provide comical relief, Zach throws a fit as a response to being hit by a trout. Alden backs Rebecca up, and Zach eventually leaves. Bio fixes the trout by reversing time on it, and Rebecca calms down.

All of a sudden, Bass Mega, the Bass form of Mega, appears out of nowhere and scans Bio. Bass Mega performs a beatdown on Bio, and only stops when Nelliel assists Bio. Mysterio and Dark Starman arrive at the scene. Mysterio tells Bass Mega to back down and not destroy the prisoners, Bio, and Nelliel, which only sickens Dark Starman. They leave, as a result of their agenda. Bio fients, but before he receives assistance, a Mysterious Figure arrives. He encourages the heroes to battle, and Starman and Talia back to 75% percent of there original strength.

Meanwhile, Dark Starman is shown outside the Fantasma Base, complaining about how he has to follow agendas. FNTS Butterfly tries to comfort him, but the attempts are in vain. Prometheus attempts an attack on the base, but FNTS Butterfly stops him. The Mysterious Figure teleports by Prometheus and warns him not to stray from the plan again. Prometheus leaves as the Figure challenges Dark Starman and Bass Mega to a fight. Though they tried, he easily knocks them aside. He appears by the heroes again, and asks Talia if she would continue to fight. When she says yes, he heals her and Starman back to full strength. He tells them to restore Bio and to wait for more allies, as Flandre shows up a bit too late.

Several days later, Fallen wandered off near Palm Springs, California, and was instantly yelled at by Autumn Hazel. Autumn claimed that he stepped on his daughter's gravestone, which Fallen reacted very violently to; he tried to get off the grave so quickly he fell and hurt himself.

Master, Mega, and the Random Spectator soon arrived onto the scene, with Mega explaining who Fallen and his friends were, and claiming to bear no ill will towards Autumn, as they did not even know who she is at the time. The greeting was cut short, however, when Byakuya Kuchiki and Mysterio suddenly appeared out of seemingly thin air, appearing to be in a violent conflict. Mysterio criticized Byakuya for what appeared to be "all talk and no action", saying that his prior attacks did little damage. Byakuya prepared to attack again, just as one of Fallen's companions, Saun Packorita, attempted to retreat into his own dimension to avoid the ripple effect from spreading towards him, dragging him into the supposed conflict. His friend, Shizume Mizuko, however, stopped him, claiming that he should stay because she had detected a strange aura from Autumn. Autumn does not get to battle, though, as Mysterio took advantage of an opening to attack Byakuya with a powerful combo, knocking him unconscious. Mysterio preferred not to take risks, so he left Byakuya where he was instead of capturing him.

Byakuya criticizes Fallen's crew for distracting him. However, they claimed innocent and that he was the one that distracted himself, as he should have been paying attention. Byakuya was infuriated by such a comment and knocks out Shizume with a Senka attack. Alarmed by such an action, Saun claimed fighting will get nowhere; Autumn raises a point that Soul Society would never listen to reason. Byakuya felt that Soul Society's pride had been violated by that one comment, and proceeded to attack Autumn, not knowing of her anti-Bleach powers. Autumn overwhelmed Byakuya after just ten minutes of stalling, and Byakuya swore to see her dead.

Prior to the ending of the battle, Rebecca had teleported near Palm Springs, unaware of where she was. She, ironically, found the crew, greeting them and stating that the item she stole from the Snowager came in handy as it teleported her miles away to Palm Springs. Meanwhile, Fallen's own crew investigated the unconscious body of Malloy; Starry Lunara appeared and stated that the Fantasmas tried to suffocate him in outer space after finding no further use for him. A few minutes later, Ema Lilen Heize (an anagram of Emeline Hazel) appears in a strange form that nobody recognized. Autumn, however, receives a strange reading from Emeline, thinking that she had something to do with her, and that she was a spirit, not a physical being.

Just as Autumn was pondering this thought, Master decided he wasn't important to the crew and that he should leave for the day. Unaware of the dangers of his following attack, he fired a flurry of danmaku-like bullets that was actually a very condensed form of dark energy. Autumn later stated that if she had not absorbed the attack, the Earth may have very well been severed in half. The topic of danmaku got Autumn rolling out an entire chemistry lesson, explaining the different types of energy. Autumn completely disregards the topic of "Ema Lilen Heize", who leaves disappointed that her own mother did not recognize her, when it was actually the fault of Master's attack.

One week later, the crew investigates a strange "bleeding" tree with a Fantasma logo on it. A Fantasma attacks the crew and fatally injures Shizume while giving a beating to Malloy. The Fantasma is revealed to be a double-crosser.

Featured Duels 3/5/11

Stellaluna v.s. Gary OakEdit

A side duel was observed by Talia after most of the crew disbanded. Platinum Knight ally Stellaluna faces off against Pokemon prodigy Gary Oak in Duel Monsters.

Stellaluna's Turn

  • Summons Jiggly Server (ATK 1700 / DEF 1000) in attack position.
  • Sets 1 card.

Gary Oak's Turn

  • Summons Big Squiddy (ATK 1700 / DEF 1200) in attack position.

Stellaluna's Turn

  • Activates "Jiggly Server"'s effect, changing "Big Squiddy" to defense position.
  • Summons Rattlebones (ATK 1500 / DEF 0) in attack position.
  • Attacks "Big Squiddy" with "Rattlebones".
  • Attacks Gary with Jiggly Server (Life Points: 8000 → 6300).

Gary Oak's Turn

  • Summons Vakshim (ATK 1500 / DEF 1500)
  • Attacks Rattlebones with Vakshim. Both monsters are destroyed.
  • Sets 1 card.

Stellaluna's Turn

  • Gary activates "Ultimate Offering" just as Stellaluna draws.
  • Summons Heck Hound (ATK 1700 / DEF 1300) in attack position.
  • Attacks Gary directly with all monsters (Life Points 6300 → 4600 → 2900).

Gary Oak's Turn

  • Gary passes.

Stellaluna's Turn

  • Attacks directly with all monsters (Life Points 2900 → 1200 → 0).

Stellaluna wins.

Just as the duel finished and Stellaluna and Gary Oak disbanded, out of nowhere came Cheren, Bianca, and Hilda. They falsely believed that they were still in Unova when they, in fact, had teleported from Unova into Palm Springs, California. Somewhere in between, Timson had found out how to escape from the Fantasma base and re-acquire his powers; he greeted the three from Unova after jumping off a nearby tree. The three learned of the Fantasmas' presence; ironically, the crew was attacked by a Shadow Reshiram and Zekrom at that very instant. As the crew struggled against the enemies, Dr. Sloth appeared, taunting the crew and adding insult to injury by aiding the possessed Pokemon, causing the crew to suffer status effects effectively so that Reshiram and Zekrom could finish them off with huge blows. Dr. Sloth, however, neglected the special power of a hidden "bomb" in the crew, Game. As Zekrom damaged the crew with a powerful Earthquake, Game immediately exploded, heavily damaging Dr. Sloth but leaving the legendaries unharmed due to their Protect. Sloth was forced to waste his Evil Life Potion; he continued taunting the crew until Saun Packorita showed up from another dimension and stole all his weapons. Sloth was forced to retreat with the promise of replacement as the stolen weapons exploded due to their defense mechanism.

The legendaries disappeared, possibly due to nobody being able to command them. The three trainers from Unova took the attack as a direct threat and pondered the idea of turning on the crew and joining the Fantasmas for safety. The crew successfully manages to convince them otherwise, however, with the promise of not only protection but with cookies and being treated to multiple fun activities. Timson then started to raise a point about the 2nd Deadly Alliance, but realized that they were being watched by Shao Kahn. Taking a chance, Timson publicly stated that they were going to go to Domino's and get pizza; Shao Kahn, thinking this is only a ploy to drive him away due to his hate of pizza, takes this as a threat. Timson told him that they were only making dinner plans; Shao Kahn decides not to follow them anymore while the crew breathes a sigh of relief.

Timson decided against wasting energy to try to find the nearest Domino's and instead opted to have Officer1 take them there instead with his signature limo. Timson started to walk towards a nearby limo, falsely believing it was Officer1's, when suddenly a group of Team Plasma Grunts exited the limo, brutally assaulted Hilda, and dragged her unconscious body into the limo. The limo then headed at such a speed that it appeared to disappear. This caused Cheren and Bianca to reconsider joining the crew. Ironically, the real limo drove in shortly after that, with Officer1 appearing and offering to take them somewhere. Timson told him to go after the rouge limo; Officer1 agreed to the plan, and after the crew was in Officer's limo, they drove away.

Officer1 rammed into the Plasma Grunts' limo, breaking it, then confronted them. The Plasma Grunts assaulted Officer1; Timson decided to take the opportunity to rescue Hilda. Hilda, however, was infected with a life-draining virus that would have killed her and everyone around her in about 50 minutes. Hilda claimed that only Team Plasma knew the cure, and possibly the Fantasmas. The crew then went emo, worried that they would die; Cheren got tired of seeing the crew this way and told them they were simply stalling. At that very moment, Cheren, Bianca, and Hilda disappeared. It is revealed they had been teleported to the Fantasma base, where Mysterio greets them and offers to cure Hilda at the ultimate cost of loyalty to the Fantasmas.

Starman raged, believing that there was too much evil, and decided to take his anger out on a Team Plasma portal, telling them they wouldn't get away with their evil deeds; his attention is diverted, however, to an obviously-located Fantasma base in a very inconvenient location. Timson, wanting to take his mind off all the madness, eyed Officer1 and told them, finally, to take them to Domino's. As they ate, the crew discussed which base to take down first. Everyone nominated the Fantasma base, as they falsely believed it contained their hostage friends; The crew set their attention on the base and decided to raid it; at that very instant, Mysterio and Dark Starman came out of the base and taunted the crew for hasty decision-making. Fallen proceeded to attack them, believing he could defeat or harm either one; Mysterio and Dark Starman, however, laugh as they and the entire base disappeared. Mysterio revealed the base was a hologram, and told the crew that they had won this round.

Fallen yelled at Mysterio to come out of hiding and stop being a coward; he received no response. A short time later, Hilda appeared, apologizing for all the trouble she caused; however, the crew did not forgive her, telling her she had some nerve to appear in front of them. Hilda runs away, crying, while the crew gave blank stares.

As they woke up the next morning, Officer1 sensed that several people were spying on them. It turned out to be Cheren and Bianca; when questioned, they revealed that they could not willingly leave the Fantasmas, as they would be promptly hunted down and killed. Officer1 argued that there would be consequences; the two did not care. They stated that they would rather preserve Hilda's life, as she had done for them in Unova, and leave. While pondering what to do with the traitors, a man by the name of "The Darkness" arrived. He received immediate threats from the crew, who thought he was an enemy; he was instead revealed to be JB, the time-traveler. (Humorously, when questioned whether his initials stood for "Justin Bieber", he said that he had lived up to that name since he was a child, and was quite tired of it.) He revealed that the Fantasmas have a 100% chance of being defeated. He warned Cheren, Hilda, and Bianca, who just arrived at the scene, that they would spend a life in confinement as a result of their betrayal. As he left, the three became paranoid. The heroes tried to capture them, but they escaped using teleportation powers given to them by the Fantasmas.

Frustrated by the several escapes, the crew wondered what to do to capture them. Officer1 then revealed that he could make a No-Escape Orb, given the correct ingredients. Coincidentally, the crew had exactly the right materials; Officer1 began constructing it. Mysterio arrived promptly and attempted to stop him, but Officer1 attacked him with Compression Blast; this dealt no damage but pushed Mysterio back to where he came from. The heroes discussed the strength of the finished orb, wondering whether it could work or not. Cheren, Hilda, and Bianca arrived a short time later; Cheren noticed there was nobody visible. Officer1 activated the Orb; although the barrier wasn't visible, Cheren said he could sense an "energy spike" and attempted to escape before anything else happened; the attempts failed as the three were left wondering about why it didn't work. Talia instantly appeared, taunting the traitors, then drained their abilities with La Drenaje. They were then arrested by Officer1. Officer1 escorted them into the limo, as the heroes discussed places to eat. Talia suggested a buffet just blocks away.

Before Officer1 could start driving, however, Ayumi Maizuka jumps out from a nearby tree, claiming she escaped due to complications and arguments within the Fantasmas. As they drove towards the buffet, Ayumi questioned who the prisoners were; when informed, she claimed she was going to have "fun" with them as the three became worried. However, Officer1 threatened Ayumi to not lay a finger on the prisoners, as it would cause major complications. She calmed down as they arrived. When questioned if someone should guard the limo, Officer1 pressed a button, turning the limo into an illusion of two homeless men fighting over a piece of cheese. They walked inside and reserved spots, but before they sat down, they spotted Autumn, Rebecca, and Lily. Talia was overjoyed to see her mom. Autumn revealed that this was a buffet for only fighters working for any heroes' cause.

They left the buffet together, happy and laughing, as the crew was confronted by Bandit Keith. Bandit Keith criticized the crew for not being American, as well as the prisoners for being "Japanese idiots." He repeatedly begged for somebody to play a children's card game with him; nobody accepted, so he started making violent threats. Officer1, tired of his nonsense, offered to play the children's card game with him (the duel will not be covered because it was only two turns.) Officer1 pulled off an OTK and the crew then drove Bandit Keith off a cliff when he continued to bother them. Autumn then offered to take the crew to her house to stay, but the crew denied, stating that Officer1's limo was sufficient and that maybe they could visit her house another day.

Needing to do some errands, Officer1 allowed Talia, Timson, Starman, Malloy, Ayumi, and Mega do whatever they wanted. When Talia arrived from her free time, it was revealed that she and Timson found a portal to Hueco Mundo. Their new experimental training method was revealed to be a variation of basketball; the field was surrounded in magical mirrors, which reflected attacks off of them- this added danger to the game. The basketball they played with was shaped like a Gordo, making it hard to control without bolstering hierro. In addition to those new obstacles, the gravity in the arena was three hundred times the gravity of Jupiter, making it a very similar area to Goku's former ones, but much more dangerous. Jealous of the fact that their power skyrocketed seemingly over just a period of four hours, Mega teleported to the Castle that Never Was in order to train in the Holo Simulator.

Saun remembered that there was a training program in his dimension that allowed them to fight their past, but 10 times stronger. However, before Saun could expand on this idea, Shizume saw a silhouette shaped like Meiling in the distance and pointed it out. It was not Meiling, but rather a trap; it was revealed to be Krisi, who assaulted the crew. However, the dart was affected by a sudden change in wind direction, unknowingly caused by Tina, but Krisi changed the wind direction to blow the dart back towards the crew. The dart caught on fire, however, as a result of Latia. A girl named Melissa came in as well, and when questioned by Saun about who they were, they reveal that they were an all-female fighting force, each with dark pasts. Latia explained that Melissa was a long-time rival of Timson, while Krisi's parents died as a result of the events between 2012 and 2013. They left as Shizume once again saw the same silhouette. Talia suspected it was a trap, and she turned out to be correct; Butterfly appeared from the direction of the silhouette, disappointed that they didn't fall for her trap. She revealed that she was to capture the crew again. Saun patted Shizume on the back to force her to conjure a fireball from her mouth. Butterfly flicked it back and spread toxic dust over the crew. A strong wind caused by Talia blows the dust away; Talia revealed she was sick and tired of Butterfly taunting them, and requested a formal one-on-one with her.

She started off with a very fast Cero, followed by a dash behind Butterfly and a hammering arm into the Cero. Butterfly questions how she got so fast, and she revealed that she had been training. Stellaluna flew in and asked what they were doing; Talia stated that she was currently in a conflict with Butterfly, and that nobody should interfere, as it was her turn to shine. She then uppercutted her, fired a Cero, canceled it into a larger one, and finally canceled it into a Gran Rey Cero, sacrificing about one liter of her own blood to do immense damage. Butterfly joked about losing, and flicked the Cero back before it could get any bigger; she proceeded to drill kick Talia just as Zhuqiaomon appeared on the scene. Talia backflipped and fired a Tunneling Cero; Zhuqiaomon realized what was happening and threatened Butterfly with a solemn "You!!!!!" Saun and a fanboy known as Lurker stopped him from interfering with the battle while Butterfly destroyed half of the earth around them to reveal the Cero, and she destroyed it with toxic dust. Talia used a "Sonya leg grab" and smacked Butterfly on the ground, but Butterfly stood up, unharmed, and fired two beams out of her palms. Talia easily destroyed them with a reiatsu outbreak, zoomed directly in front of Butterfly, and smashed her with a wind hammer. Talia then fired two Ceros at her, which were countered by beams from Butterfly's palms; she then flew in an arc around Talia and struck her with a ridiculously fast tackle. Talia exclaimed that outside interference was not required, and that her allies should stop disruptive her in this battle. Zhuqiaomon dismisses this comment and called forth a Raging Kraken to aid Talia. Taking advantage of the many openings given to her by Talia's allies, Butterfly repeated her attack, except she followed up with a second tackle upwards and two beams- all topped off with Stun Spore. Saun warned Zhuqiaomon to stop interfering; Lurker immediately took action and used Nightmare's Steelcage to stop him from attacking or being attacked. The steelcage proved useless, as the Raging Kraken shocked it, destroying it. Talia used Wind Refresh to heal herself, roundhoused Butterfly, and used a Cero. Butterfly countered the Cero with a beam of her own, combusting the 2 of them, dashed behind Talia, and smashed her down.

However, Talia backflipped again, kicking Butterfly while doing so. Saun and Lurker warned Zhuqiaomon to stop, and he finally desisted. Butterfly commented on how Talia is a joke; Talia solemnly stated that she planned on ending the battle now. She uttered a silent release command for her Resurreccion form- "Blow, Colibri." Butterfly attempted to stop the transformation by using Poisonpowder, but it failed to do anything. Talia brushes off the powder and caused a huge twister to emerge, twisting up Butterfly. She then rammed into Butterfly and fired 10 Ceros Oscuras from her wings. Talia then emerged next to the explosion, used a Shuttle Loop-like attack on Butterfly, and zoomed forward at an insane speed, leaving behind piercing feathers. Zhuqiaomon then took the glory of finishing Butterfly off with a released swirl of flames. Butterfly began to disappear; Officer1 rode in on his limo and tossed a No-Escape Orb to trap Butterfly; the attempt is in vain, however, as Butterfly had already successfully escaped.

Piper, who had observed the entire battle, commented on how amazing it was; Talia implied that she was always that awesome. Zhuqiaomon commented about how no one was paying attention to him, but Talia explained that because she was in a major fight, he received little attention. The Mysterious Figure arrived as Hilda started to turn ill. Talia commented on this, but the crew was busier staring at an unmasked Shy Guy. As a result of this, before she could receive medical attention, Hilda faints. Officer1 then found a note from Hilda's mom in her Xtransceiver, which reminded her to take her prescription medicine for her asthma frequently. Officer found the inhaler, but doesn't know how she would inhale. The Figure put a finger on her, restoring her breathing. Talia suggested CPR, which Shizume administers. Hilda began to regain consciousness, forgetting what had happened. The Mysterious Figure walked towards the crater caused by the battle, and levitated a glowing shard from it. Talia revealed that now she knew who he was, stating that she should have sensed his aura. When asked to explain, she revealed that it was the same as the figure fought at the end of the Game of Destiny. He confirmed this as his cloak erupted in flames. He tossed it by Shizume, resulting in an explosion, as he was revealed to be Neo Metal Sonic. He questioned about how the heroes would treat him now that they knew who he was. Before Talia and co. could come up with an answer, he stated that regardless of their choice, he would continue treating them the same.


Left in silence, Saun broke the silence by pointing at a shadow that looked like Yuyuko. Talia stated that those shadows were nothing but illusions cast by the Fantasmas to lure them. She looked at Hilda, stating that she is trying really hard to not break into tears. The crew attempt to comfort her, as Talia states that she thinks that she's thinking about how she's the reason why her friends had to join the Fantasmas, and how the Mysterious Figure would affect the life in confinement future.

Saun tries to comfort her by saying that he can try to fix things up and hope to change the future. Officer1 states that that is simply impossible. Elesa arrives, and tells Hilda that she didn't come to her gym to battle. Hilda says that she couldn't ever battle her, which creeps Elesa out. Saun attempts to rally support to protect Hilda, but Talia reveals that she feels like they're being stalked. Cisaderes shows up. He reveals that by leaving the Sluohg Towers alone, he was able to gain an immense amount of energy. Officer1 tells the crew to get back in the limo, when Cisaderes states that a mere mortal could not defeat him. Officer1, however, uses a Compression Blast to send him back to where he came. Bianca shows up and trips on a rock. Saun states that he is hungry, and Officer1 asks where they should eat. Saun declines, and asks Zack to cook a meal for them. Autumn appears, and asks that they stop cooking. She reveals that the Fantasmas have been attacking Las Vegas. They attacked entire casionos to capture more people, resulting in economic problems and destruction of the landscape. She asks if anyone is coming with her, and the crew agrees. Piper attempts to object, but Officer1 stops him. When Zach suggests that they teleport there, Autumn states that Las Vegas is surrounded by a barrier, preventing such entry. They instead take the limo. Piper sees Percy and Annabeth, but asks where Jason is. Percy tells him that Jason detected a huge energy spike in Las Vegas, and is heading there now. Piper is worried, as he might be spotted and captured, but Percy reminds him that they can't do anything now. All of a sudden, the limo breaks down. Zach attempts to fix it, but it is revealed that it can not be fixed.

It did managed to be fixed, however, they did not move on. Cirno arrived, and introduced herself to the heroes who did not know her. Shizume came, and asked what species Cirno was. She explained that she is a fairy as Saun pats Shizume on the back, which made her shoot a fireball from her mouth. Cirno, enraged at the attack, froze Saun. Saun thawed himself out, and explained that it was an accident. At that moment, FNTS Valtameri came from nowhere. Malloy asked who she was, but Valtameri does not respond. However, when the heroes began to ready themselves for a fight, she explained that she is superior to Mysterio, and created a huge wave of water. Before the wave could do any damage, Cirno froze it and broke it into pieces. She proceeded to chuck the pieces at Valtameri, but she dodged them, stating that Cirno was too slow. Shizume suggested they combine attacks, but before this could be accomplished, Valtameri grabbed Cirno and threw her at Saun at a speed high enough to crack muscles. Saun grabbed Cirno and put her down, but Valtameri simply raised her hands and slammed Saun into a building. She zoomed out of sight, reappeared behind Saun, choked her, and kicked him into a thunderstorm. Before the thunderstorm inflicted major damage, Mega blew the clouds away. He opened a rift and threw a flaming chakram in it, but before he could unleash his attack, Valtameri created a shadowy figure that negated the attack. She laughed at the heroes' futile attempt as Zach shrunk himself and is already on Valtameri. Valtameri stated that they are not worthy of fighting her in her current state, and teleported, leaving Zach to fall to the ground and remembering why everyone is attacked whenever they attempt to mess with the pouches on his cheeks. Cirno questioned who Valtameri was, and Malloy responded by asking if she knew of the Fantasmas.

Before they could relax, a troll known as STALKERr showed up, and challenged Starman to a game of Yu-Gi-Oh!, but he declined. The Random Spectator came in, shocked that Lurker and STALKERr were also lurking around. STALKERr attempted to start a fight, but the Random Specator left as Austin arrived. Austin explained that he was a boss of the trolls, but when he was sent to prison, he realized the error of his ways. Timson asked what he was doing here, but he doesn't answer. When he saw the troll, he complained about how he has to meet up with more of them, and kicked the troll away.

After the troll had been dealt with, an ice manipulator by the name of Khione showed up. When asked who she was, she commanded them to silence themselves. She claimed she was unbeatable due to her status as a descendant of the Greek god of the north wind, Boreas. The crew took this as a threat and prepared to attack, but Officer1 once again offered his services by attempting to dispel of Khione with a Compression Blast. It failed. Khione then froze Mega, but Mega broke out quite easily, and asked if she had any more of that. Khione responded with a violent assault of attacks. Observing from the sidelines, Drasocon, TKHM, Annie, Pro, Doom Walker, and Aizen stepped in and greeted the crew. They attempted to aid the crew by attacking Khione with little success. Khione became frustrated with the crew and froze them all with a huge ice blast; TKHM, however, laughed insanely and revealed that he had multiple lives to spare. TKHM severely weakened Khione; Goku and Ichigo showed up and finished her off with a Spirit Bomb + Getsuga Tensho combo.

Soon after, as the crew was getting ready for bed, Butterfly appeared and revealed she was fired from the Fantasmas. She told the crew that the only way to get re-recruited was to finish her mission to capture the crew, but as her powers greatly decreased from leaving the Fantasmas, she was easily defeated and captured herself.

Mysterio, still at the Fantasma base, grew paranoid over Butterfly. The Leader showed up; Mysterio yelled at him for firing Butterfly, but the Leader argued that she did not complete any of her missions and retreated far too often, and that he would not take sympathy for her just because she is Mysterio's boyfriend. Mysterio left the room angrily; Bass Mega walked in shortly after and told the Leader that Mysterio would be in a worried state for a prolonged period of time. Bass Mega also detected Butterfly's capture, sending the Leader into a thought panic about what to do. The Leader ordered his most elite subordinates, as well as Bass Mega, to aid him and find the crew so he could capture them and re-obtain Butterfly. The crew fled to many dimensions before Talia decided that the last place they would look was a dimension where the only thing that existed was a resort island with a beach house. This dimension turned out to be a training haven...

Things changed dynamically for the crew when they noticed a Fantasma symbol in the background. Dark Starman seemingly spawned from it and challenged the heroes to a showdown. He was taken down by Talia and Timson's combos; when captured, he revealed that he was not the real Dark Starman, then exploded, losing consciousness and scattering spikes everywhere. They later found out that the fake Starman's name is Ashley.

As the heroes rested, Angel asked what Lucy was doing. She responded by saying that she is playing Tetris in order to pratice Tetriminos. Disappointed because she lost due to the question, she asked if Angel would like a regular Tetris set for $200. Angel bought it, and gave it to Malloy. Lucy challenged Malloy to a game of Tetriminos, and Malloy accepted. Lucy easily defeated Malloy, but before another match could be played, Saun stole Malloy's Tetris set. Starry Lunara ran in suddenly in a state of panic. He stated that that a piece of the protective border is on the ground, and that he found Fantasma relics nearby that didn't belong to the fake Dark Starman. Lucy told him that she broke the border and forgot to fix it, and that the relics were Tetriminos relics. She closed the border, but as she did so, Liza asked if she was Lucy. Lucy, surprised, asked what Liza has been doing, as she hasn't seen her for ages. Liza did not respond, and as this occured, Ayumi revealed that she was trying to build a bomb that will level a building while keeping the inhabitants safe at the same time. However, she was missing a key element to it, which was Plutonium. Lucy told her that it came with the Tetris set. Saun gave the set back to Malloy and he summoned a Tetriminos. Ayumi fused the bomb and Tetriminos as she received a transmission from Angel. Before they could have any real conversation, Valtameri arrived via a loophole in the border and commented on how pathetic the bomb is. She launched a wave at Angel, but Lucy managed to summon blocks of Tetriminos to trap Valtameri. Several members of the crew began to attack her and defeat her, but she rode away on a wave.

Talia came in, and Liza explained what happend. After she finished, she opened a photo album, dwelling on the happy times. All of a sudden, PasdutoutHeros came in. Lucy attempted to trap him with Tetriminos pieces, but he easily broke out with a finger laser. He launched the fragments at Talia and Ayumi and fired a finger laser at Ayumi in a vital spot. He told them that a new evil group has arrived, and that they will attack in 5 months or less, depending on the level of interference. Liza cried as soon as he left, and Talia asked her what was wrong as she healed Ayumi. Liza asked why there was so much evil in the world now, and why things couldn't go back to normal. Yapool came in and stated that they were lucky. Ayumi quickly responded by firing a laser at Yapool, but he deflected it. He explained that there at 3 good groups: the Xros Revelation, the 4 Heavenly Kings, and the Ultras. He left as Talia dwelled on the amount of villianous groups, stating that they could never enjoy themselves now. Liza stated that life is no longer worth living anymore, but Saun comforts her. Talia assisted by saying that things would get better, but Liza doubted that things would get better. Sub-Zero arrived, and explained that he came there from a strange portal. Malloy began to panic, and wanted the crew to leave right away. Talia had him step outside instead to feel better.

Meanwhile, at the Fantasma base, Mysterio was in rage when he heard that Liza has been captured. Though the leader told him to be silent, he continued to rant. This time, the leader responded with a threat, but Mysterio yelled that by firing Liza, the leader left her with nothing to live for. The leader stated that he no longer cared for her, as she has become worthless. This provoked Mysterio, resulting in him leaving the base and jumping in a portal. He arrived by the heroes, and Liza is happy that he came. Mysterio signalled for Talia and Starman to hand her over, but they refuse. Mysterio began a fight with the heroes, easily gaining the upperhand. Tired of the way the battle was going, Talia and Timson entered their Resurreccion forms as Starman turned into a Plasma Demon. However, Mysterio still gained the upperhand, which forced Talia to go into her Segunda Etapa form. She defeated Mysterio by bombarding him with Ceros, Balas, and gusts of wind. Mysterio realized that he lost, and attempted to escape. Plasma Demon attempted to trap him in a green sphere, but Mysterio easily broke through, but before he could reach the portal, Rebecca activated the No-Escape Orb, sealing the portal. The transformed heroes reverted to their original forms, as Mysterio attempts to escape or contact the Fantasma Leader in vain. Liza screamed as Mysterio, otherwise known as Lucas, was captured, and later bursted into tears.

Back at the Fantasma Base, the leader talked to Dark Starman in disgust over the capture of Mysterio. He devised a plan, in which a grunt informs the heroes that the Fantasmas have given up. This would lure the heroes into a false sense of protection and allow the Fantasmas to train. He sent the grunt, who informed the heroes that the Fantasmas have "given up". Starman doubted this, but Talia convinced him to celebrate. The leader laughed, pleased that the heroes have fallen for the bait. Angel attempted to record this, but the leader destroys the orb used as Dark Starman wiped their memories.

Officer1 finally decided to take the 2 prisoners, along with Cheren, Bianca, Hilda, and Ashley, to prison, so he opened a portal and drove off. Liza clung to Lucas while they're in the prison, glad that there was at least one source of comfort there.

The next day, the heroes began suspecting that something was wrong with the Fantasmas' "promise" of forfeiture. They thought that if they had really forfeited, then they would have taken down all bases; they did not, however. As such, they decided to investigate the remaining bases. They were promptly greeted by the Leader who wiped them clean of their memories of investigation. Talia, however, finally managed to fight this off, and confirmed that the Fantasmas were lying. Talia decided that they should stop the Fantasmas as soon as possible; the crew then headed off towards the Fantasmas' location at the time, and their final destination- New York City.

See Outcome.

Allies Edit

The Allies are the group of people that support the event-exclusives and attack the enemies.

If the Allies win, they will be rewarded 1,000 points for every metagame they played in and an additional 7,500 points if they partook in the final battle, and an additional 1,500 points if they finished off the boss in the end.

Neutrals Edit

The Neutrals are passive fighters who, although usually having the same goal as the allies, can attack the allies if they get in the way or if they just feel like attacking them. Neutrals may also fight for fun and they usually don't care who gets hurt. Keep in mind that moves that target everyone will target the allies as well.

If the Allies win, the Neutrals will be rewarded the same offered rewards as the Allies, but 50 points will be deducted from their score for each ally they defeated.

There are no neutrals.

Traitors Edit

The Traitors are the combatants who decide to ally with the enemies, thus betraying the User Battle Wiki's army. Traitors usually aid the enemies out of anger or because they feel like it, or they are allured by the high amount of points offered.

If the enemies win, the Traitors will win 10,000 points. If they lose, however, all Traitors will be banned from the wiki for seven days.

There are no traitors. Phew!

Outcome Edit

Greeted by the Leader as soon as they got to New York City, the crew got ready for an all-out rumble. While more and more allies appeared on the scene, the Leader began charging power and releasing it on preemptive attackers. Once the maximum number of people had arrived, everyone started attacking the Leader and his comrade, Dark Starman. The two gained the upper hand very quickly by deflecting most attacks with plasma barriers and fighting back almost instantaneously with quick energy shots. The two gained such an upper hand that they managed to murder two of the crew members, Iia Rema and Gerald Stickermin, with no effort.

It wasn't until Emeline Hazel appeared, however, that things managed to turn around for the heroes. With her special ability, she repeatedly cut off 50% of the Leader's and Dark Starman's powers. This allowed the two to be hit quite easily, but it could not do them in. While the two were being recklessly pummeled, Pro, Doomwalker, and Annie planned a combo attack with an energy orb attack they had previously utilized. The attack was amongst the only attacks which could even as so lay a scratch on the Leader, and they hypothesized that a fully-charged orb would completely do them in. With help from the rest of the crew, Pro's energy ball plan worked, and the Leader as well as Dark Starman were sent into fugitivity.