Fair Game
The 4 suits of cards






Dependant on the card drawn

Fair Game are a deck of cards used by BioMaverick OP. He uses them as an entertainment source and a luck based attack. The back of each card bears the Nobody symbol.


With 52 cards, the Fair Game is a high luck based item. Cards are drawn by the controller, and effects are determined by the number and suit of the card.


  • Spade: Represented by a black shuriken; generally explodes, damaging the user.
  • Club: Represented by a clock; generally alters time, speeding up or slowing down the user at the hands of a coin flip.
  • Diamond: Represented by a empty red circle; generally launches a red energy sphere that locks on to one opponent and pursues until it is gone.
  • Heart: Represented by a red circle with a yellow swirl; generally creates a large energy sphere that locks on to one to four opponents, marked with yellow arrows. Two energy spheres are created, along with a ring that slows down the enemy. The ring will explode in a set amount of time.


Note: The higher the card number, the more damage a card deals.

2Doubles the effect of a card
3Stat bonuses the damaged target has are spreaded out among their allies
4Negative effects can be applied to enemies; dodge chances are increased by 10%
5No effect
6Effect of cards are increased by 2.5x; user gains more attack power.
7Two cards can be drawn; all effects are doubled and be applied to enemies
8Stat bonuses are sapped from the targetted opponent and granted to the user
9No effect
10 No effect
JackAny status effect is reduced in intensity.
QueenUser is healed by 30% of the damage dealt.
KingAllied group gains bonus stats of 10 (+3 for each ally); user gains 2x the stat boost
AceEffects of cards are tripled and can only hit enemies. If the Ace of Hearts is drawn, all allies gain 15 stats and are cured of status effects

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