Emma Behyma is one of the characters in the THHR.

General Background Edit

Character Traits Edit

  • Likes to play video games and read books. All. The. Time.
  • Won't tolerate anyone's bullshit.
  • Kinda temperamental. Relating to the entry above, if she has to take bullshit then she's going to throw bullshit back at you.
  • Very smart. Kinda narcissistic about it at times.
  • Besides those things, pretty nice once you get to know her.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Base Stats Edit

Base Stats
Stat Quantity
Special Attack
Special Defense
Emma's base stats.

Weapons Edit

  • Magic staff: Uses to attack. Those intelligence points really hurt anyone who stand in her way.
  • Witch's hat: Only equips in battles. Otherwise it makes her look ugly. It gives her 50 intelligence, putting her at 253 intelligence, and that shit hurts combined with the magic wand.
  • Witch's boots: Only equips in battles. Otherwise... you get the idea, it gives her 40 speed, which is quite an improvement, even though it's still pretty slow.

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