Eliv Thade
Race Kacheek, Ghost
Gender Male
Theme Melty Monster Galaxy
Affiliation Evil
Base of Operations Castle of Eliv Thade
Primary Skill
Abilities Scrappy, Levitate, Pressure, Unburden

"You will not leave this castle alive, mortal!"
—Eliv Thade

Eliv Thade is a Ghost Kacheek introduced on February 24, 2003 via the puzzle game The Castle of Eliv Thade. With his residence in the Haunted Woods, he torments whoever comes into his castle with puzzles and riddles.

Equipment Edit

  • Sword of Skardsen: Darkness and direct damage.
  • Grimoire of Thade: Darkness and direct damage; shields all darkness damage from opponent.
  • Magical Marbles of Mystery: Direct damage; freezes (100%). Can only be used three times per battle.
  • Kacheek Life Potion: Restores a Kacheek's health and energy to max. Can only be used once per battle.
  • Jhudora's Potion: Darkness and direct damage, cannot be blocked but has bad accuracy. 30% chance to badly poison. Can only be used three times per battle.
  • Polterteleporter: Avoids all damage for one turn. Can only be used once per battle.
  • Shield of Pion Troect: Darkness damage; blocks all earth damage and reflects 20% light damage.
  • Ghostkersword: Air, darkness, and direct damage. Air damage is dependent on location, but averages 80% from max.

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