Earth and Air Shield
"With this sturdy shield, you'll be well-protected against threats from below and above."


Shields and Reflectors






90%(Block - EarthBlock - Air), 50%(Block - Direct)

The E&A Shield, or the Earth and Air Shield, is a dual-duty shield that can be bought from any advanced shield shop. It not only has the power to block 90% of all earth and air attacks as well as 50% of direct attacks, but it also has the ability to neutralize charged said attacks before they are launched. This weapon is usually paired with Sink as the two can block almost everything that an opponent throws at them.

Avoidance Edit

The E&A Shield blocks 90% earth, 90% air, and 50% direct damage.

Counters Edit

Although this shield is sturdy and does not break in the face of earth and air attacks, any other strong element of attack, especially light and darkness, can break this shield for the battle. If the opponent will use an E&A Shield in an upcoming battle, switch to darkness weapons like Sword of Skardsen or light weapons like Shoop Da Whoop Cannon.

Methods of Obtainment Edit

Wiki4Battles Edit

The Random Game Simulator Edit

  • Buy it from Umbreon's Advanced Shop.

Trivia Edit

  • If you buy this shield, you receive an item or ability for free - in W4B it is Burrow, in TRGS it is Michael's Polearm.