Duo-Moon Breaker
Duo-Moon Breaker
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Being a shield that reflects darkness, it is unique. The Duo-Moon Breaker is not only a shield, but specifically designed to block any and all attacks related to darkness, and send them back double. However, it cannot counter Dark Matter Raid, a move that is used to possess the opponent.

This shield is the third of the Duo series.

Appearance Edit

It's just an orb-like thing with pipes going through it? WRONG. It contains moonlight, which strengthens the darkness or Dark Matter going through it and sends it back with increased power.

Damage Edit

Shields normally do no damage; however, this particular shield has the power to even REFLECT darkness at double the power.

Shops that sell Duo-Moon Breaker Edit

Starman's MUB Weapon Store

Trivia Edit

  • The Duo-Moon Breaker is completely based off of the Ultimate Dark Reflectorb from Neopets.
  • An upgrade called the Trio-Moon Breaker is exclusively used by Flandre.