This article is about the story itself. For the location of the same name, see Drax Academy (location).

The Drax Academy is the third story roleplayed in User Battle Wiki.

Story Edit

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Differences between Drax Academy and A World Without Music Edit

Statistics Edit

Refugees Edit

The refugees of the Drax Academy are being pursued by both good and evil. Although they are formidable, they have low powers compared to both parties.

Allies Edit

The allies are who they were always: the User Battle Force under Gold Starman, the Foxwell Battlers under Jonas Foxwell, and the Saga Smashers under Kuruma. The Homestuck kids have since branched off to Sburban Survivors, but remain very close ties. However, a new group is introduced into the fray: the Historians, led by former Emali leader Vance Odell. These newcomers seek to make things right by cleaning up all traces of evil with the other good groups.

Enemies Edit

The Saline Soldiers return, with a vengeance: they seek to destroy the good groups and the Drax Academy, then disband and live out the rest of their lives in peace. Other villains are loyalists to the Drax Academy, including their students, elites, and teachers.

Students Edit

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