Dramon Fire
File:Dramon Fire.jpg
Burning Glory!




500 BP (For infinite use in ONE battle, after which you have to buy again)


Drastar Fire Fields

Ability Granted:

Unblockable Fire damage, +50 fire


Dramon Family

Dramon Fire is fire, not actually breathed by Dramons, but found on the vast Fire Fields on Drastar. It adds 50 fire damage to any weapon it is equipped to, and is unblockable, except by actual Dramons, who have the ability to absorb fire and use it for themselves. When you buy this item, you can equip it to ONE SINGLE WEAPON that you have, and it will add 50 fire damage to it and all of its possible forms.


It adds 50 fire damage to any weapon it is equipped to. When equipped against Ultimate Dramon Armor, it does that weapon's normal fire damage, plus 50 fire damage.


Since Dramon fire is unblockable, one would think it has no counters. However, that doesn't mean it can't be reflected. That means that it can easily be used against you.