Dramon Armor
Dragon Armor
human version of armor




400(for Elf) 500(for True Dramon) or 600(Dremon)


Created from Dramon's shed scales

Possible Modifications

Many, Including Wrist Flamethrowers, Hidden Blades, others


Elf Dramon Armor: AllBlock - Fire (that is not Flamethrower S/U fire or Dramon Fire), Block - DarkBlock - DirectBlock - Light
True Dramon Armor: AllBlock - Fire (that is not Flamethrower S/U fire or Dramon Fire), Block - WaterBlock - Earth
Dremon Armor: AllBlock - Fire that is not Flamethrower Ultimate or Dramon Fire, Block - WaterBlock - EarthBlock - AirBlock - DarkBlock - LightBlock - Direct

Dramon Armor is an incredibly strong armor made from the scales of Dramons.This armor is very hard, and absorbs most fire. This armor has 3 versions: Elf Dramon Armor, which strengthens the magic of the user as well, Demon Dramon (Dremon) Armor, which increases the user's power/strength and cancels out secondary effects of damaging moves and weapons, and True Dramon armor, which comes with wings, allowing flight. Dramon armor can be modified, allowing it to hold flamethrowers or guns on the ends of the arms. Heavier characters are restricted to Dremon armor, and lighter characters are restricted to Elf Dramon armor. The player can also add other upgrades, but this weapon CANNOT hold a Shoop-Da-Whoop cannon anywhere. It comes in 3 colors: red, blue, and green. Some fire CAN penetrate, but only fire from the strong Flamethrower or its secret upgrade, Dramon Fire, and fire from Dramons and Dragons.

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