Dramon Friend Tatoo
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The Dramon-Friend tattoo is a gift given to deserving friends of Drasocon. It allows you to absorb fire to heal yourself or to infuse the absorbed energy into another attack. This status can not be blocked, countered, or stopped (unless by Sacred attacks,) and it is very powerful. Dramon Fire cannot get past this; only fire from real Dramons can nullify this skill. This is a special and extremely rare gift skill, and is signified by a dragon tattoo on your shoulder. Only Drasocon can bestow this tattoo, and you would have to be dying (with Drasocon present and currently his friend) or extremely worthy to be bestowed with it.

Current Owners (Name and wiki, then Userowner's name)Edit

  • Inferno, Villains Wiki -User owner: Inferno Pendragon
  • Tekaran, Custom Superheroes Wiki -User Owner: Drasocon