This arc has been canceled. Reason: The user was using this arc solely to promote his own characters, and completely disregarded the community. As a result, this arc is not considered to be part of the canon.

The Dormin Arc is the fifth arc to take place at User Battle Wiki, and the fourth to take place at its IRC. It proceeds the Mysteries Arc and immediately follows the reconstruction of the Mirror Universe.

Story Edit

As a dark force dwelled over File island,some shadows appeared.Possibly the work of some dark forces.

Katie,Amaterasu,Handy,Gold Starman and company were in peace until some enfought The Koopa Bros. Justimon killed them with Thunderclap.

Mega,Talia and Handy found a new enemy and fought the Axem Rangers X and won by them having no oxygen to breathe in a dark void.

Amaterasu was in peace, until Killer Shrews attacked her.She relied on the paintbrush techniques to kill the whole pack of the rodent cryptids.

Handy,Timson,Katie,and Wafer Girl were relaxing until the relic god,Gohdan appeared.but he was beat easily by Everyone's favorite Nub handler,Handy because of massive bleeding.Timson also violently yelled at Handy about the arc.

Handy,Katie,Taila and Sinspore were fighting Dr Robotnik's Big Arm,Which was defeated once again by Handy.Not to mention,Katie helped too.


Allies Edit

The Allies are the group of people that support the event-exclusives and attack the enemies.

If the Allies win, they will be rewarded 2,500 points; 4,000 points if they partook in the final battle.

Non-Player AlliesEdit


  • Dejeel
  • Ashi
  • Konk
Godzilla UnleashedEdit
  • Krystalak
  • Obsidius
  • Van'Dalgyon The Dark Dragon Lord
  • Cyber Dinosaur
  • Biofalcon
Ultraman TigaEdit
  • Gakuma (male and female)
  • Leilons
  • Geo Shark
  • Zoyger
Super Mario GalaxyEdit
  • Bouldergeist
  • Fiery Dino Piranha
  • Volcanic Doomfire
  • Majestic Star Dragon
  • Majestic Red Dragon
Silent HillEdit
  • Pyramid Head
  • Panpour
  • Tabunne
  • Snivy
  • Chroneko
Legend Of ZeldaEdit
  • Yeta
Happy Tree FriendsEdit
  • Fliqpy
  • Flippy
  • Petunia
  • Nutty

Neutrals Edit

The Neutrals are passive fighters who, although usually having the same goal as the allies, can attack the allies if they get in the way or if they just feel like attacking them. Neutrals may also fight for fun and they usually don't care who gets hurt. Keep in mind that moves that target everyone will target the allies as well.

If the Allies win, the Neutrals will be rewarded the same offered rewards as the Allies, but 200 points will be deducted from their score for each ally they defeated for every battle.

  • X pro (Temporarily showing)

Non-Player Neutrals Edit

Fantaisa 2000Edit
  • The Fire Bird
  • Aussa The Earth Charmer
Adventure TimeEdit
  • Finn
  • Jake
  • Lady Raincorn

Traitors Edit

The Traitors are the combatants who decide to ally with the enemies, thus betraying the User Battle Wiki's army. Traitors usually aid the allies out of anger or because they feel like it, or they are allured by the high amount of points offered.

If the Enemies win, the Traitors will win 5,000 points for every fight they partook in, as well as 500 points for every ally defeated. If they lose, however, all Traitors will be banned from the wiki for seven days.

There are no traitors so far.

Non-Player Enemies Edit

  • Koopa Bros(Defeated on 1/23/11 by Justimon and GoldStarman)
  • Axem Rangers X(Defeated on 1/24/11 By Taila,Mega and Handy)
  • Killer Shrews(Defeated on 1/25/11 by Amaterasu)
  • Gohdan(Defeated on 1/26/11 by Handy)
  • Big Arm(Defeated on 1/27/11 by Handy and Katie)
  • Dark Fawful
  • Dark Bowser
  • Neo Ridley
  • BlackWarGreymon
  • Prince Fluff
  • Zant
  • Splendont
  • Roman Goodwin
  • Gloomtail
  • BlackMetalGarurumon
  • MetalSeadramon
  • Puppetmon
  • Machinedramon
  • Piedmon

Outcome Edit