-It is time to see who is the greatest! Darth Bruce begins with villain attack #1 and kicks the Secret in the nads.

-The attack goes through my body-

Thesecret1070: Hee-Hee.

-Secret gets sucked into a giant vaccuum cleaner.

-My eyes only remain floating-

Saber-X1138: Lol!

Secret: My body!

-Looks around-

The Darth Bruce shoves one million voodoo pins into said eyeballs.

Secret: Oh my eyes! My ey- Oh! Nevermind. I'm ok! Question one, Bruce... How old is the oldest person in the world?

Darth Bruce: 135

Secret: -The oldest man in the world was 110 years 227 days old when he inherited the position in 2007, which would make him roundabouts 112 years old now. Next question: Who was the cinematographer for the 1931 version of Dracula?

Bruce: I believe it was Karl Freund... But I'm the one who asks the questions... Since you got question #1 right... You get to attack me.

-Nice work. Did you google that or did you already know? Darth Bruce injects Secret with a supereffective, genetically engineered version of swine flu.

-Isn't effected-

Secret: I am immune to sickness my friend... Since I have no physical form...

Neon: Fail....

-Darth Bruce traps the spirit of Secret with the Flauros. His lack of physical form has no effect.

Secret: I'm just a secret... How do I have a soul?

Bruce: -Demons have no souls, but one was once trapped in this device. Any thinking being could theoretically have their power contained by it. That's what I meant.

Secret: Too bad... I'm a secret... I can live on in people's minds... So you did nothing... Hee-Hee. You didn't even hurt me... Which you had the chance... Capturing me does not work... Hee-Hee.

-Darth Bruce begins a massive campaign, getting people to reveal their secrets.

Bruce: A secret not kept will lose its power. And The Secret is nothing but a filthy chair thief, anyway.

Secret: So... Bruce... Here is a very important question... What is my secret?

Bruce: -That you're rigging this battle with so much BS.

Secret: Wrong... I'll let you answer again...

Secret: You know what, I won't Hee-HEE. --Lasers come out of my eyes and disintegrate Darth Bruce to nothing- HEE-HEE YOU HAVE DIED!

(End Darth Bruce and Secret battle)