Dark Phazon was made while Clive was researching the propertiers of both Dark Energon and Phazon. When Megatron and Dark Samus found an abundant amount, Clive was able to mix them, creating a deadly energy crystal that is able to boost the user's stats. If the user is not evil enough, they will be corrupted, becoming insane and power hungry.

In general, attacks empowered by Dark Phazon will inflict corruption. Effects of the corruption vary depending on the severity. Light corruption will result in slight damage over time and increased confusion, while high corruption will result in .5% of the corrupted's maximum health every second, the Dark Phazon stat boosts, and a 75% chance that they will attack allies.

Stat increaseEdit

Base Stats
Stat Quantity
Special Attack
Special Defense
The base stats of Dark Phazon.

Abilities gainedEdit

  • Corruption: A deadlier version of Iron Barbs; deals 3/8 of the damage received due to physical contact.
  • Magic Bounce: Reflects status-changing moves.
  • Adaptability: Powers up moves of the same type (Phazon and Darkness moves are boosted by 2.25x, rather than 2x).
  • Cursed Body: May disable a move.
  • Liquid Ooze: Draining causes injury.
  • Corruption touch: Contact of any kind will have 20% to paralyze, burn, or poison.
  • Shield Dust: Prevents added effects.
  • Sniper: Critical hits will do 3x damage instead of 2x.

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