Custom Robos are tiny, remote-controlled robotic weapons that operate within virtual battlefields. Unlike any other metagame, battling Custom Robos severely limits the opponents' usage of advanced techniques. The Custom Robo metagame relies on charges, guns, bombs, and pods to inflict damage to the opponent.


  • Only projectile weapons, boots, and armor grant stat boosts. Only one of each is allowed at any given time.
  • All physical attacks, regardless of boosts, deal 31 damage. This value decreases by 1 for each subsequent physical attack within the next 5 seconds.
  • The health of a character is determined by their base health and health boosts they have. The base health is multiplied by 10, while health boosts increase health by 10% of the original value.
  • Health regeneration, life steal, and spell vamp are not applied.
  • The total armor and magic resistance of a character are averaged, giving the character their defense. For every 10 defense a character has, damage is reduced by 1.
  • The averaged amount determines how much damage a character can take before being knocked out. If a character has 100 defense, they will only take 100 damage before being knockdowned by the next attack. While knockdowned, the character will be unable to attack for 3 seconds while all damage is reduced by 50%.
  • Characters can only perform advanced techniques that affect movement after a single jump.
  • Advanced techniques that stealth the user are allowed.
  • Advanced techniques that leave behind a decoy stealth the user if they are to teleport after deploying the decoy.
  • Shots fired in the air will have an alternate effect.

Advanced TechniquesEdit

Custom Robos are all capable of performing advanced techniques unique to Custom Robos.

  • Air Dash - Grants the ability to perform multiple jumps or air dashes.
  • Charge - Grants a short invincibility period and allows the Robo to perform a dash that will instantly knockdown the opponent.
  • Rebirth - After the 3 seconds of inability to attack are up during a knockdown, the Robo will become translucent and invincible for several seconds.





Robo BodyEdit


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