Corbett Ruptis
Race Human
Age 16
Gender Male
Affiliation Evil
Team Drax Academy
Base of Operations Drax Academy
Time Period Drax Academy
Primary Skill
Play Style Caster, carry
IRC Nickname CorbettRuptis / CorbettR
Used By NPC

Corbett Ruptis is a higher student of the Drax Academy, specializing in high-damage bursts.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Advanced Techniques Edit

DarkIC Big

Particle Diffusion StatusIC - Innate

  • PASSIVE: Whenever Corbett activates an advanced technique, he can choose to decrease its base power by 25% to activate an additional effect. Additionally, whenever he knocks out an enemy with an advanced technique, he heals for 10% of his health over time.

GroundIC Big

Earth Power SpecialIC - 4 second cooldown

  • ACTIVE: Corbett makes the ground in an area erupt, knocking any enemies into the air and dealing 90 / 68 base damage. If Particle Diffusion is activated, Corbett's next Earth Power will deal an additional 32 base damage.

Crush Down SpecialIC - 10 second cooldown

  • ACTIVE: Corbett intensifies gravity and crushes an area after a 1-second delay, dealing 100 / 75 base damage to enemies and slowing them by 60% for 3 seconds. If Particle Diffusion is activated, Crush Down stuns enemies for 2 seconds during the move's initial effect.

FightingIC Big

Howling Crusher SpecialIC - 15 second cooldown

  • ACTIVE: Corbett taps into the Drax powers to intensify the atmosphere, then lashes out with spiritual claws. The attack deals 120 / 90 base damage and knocks enemies back. If Particle Diffusion is activated, whenever a unit is knocked out by Howling Crusher, Corbett permanently gains 10% special attack for the battle.

Aura Sphere SpecialIC - 15 second cooldown

  • ACTIVE: Corbett fires a sphere of pure energy towards a target, dealing 90 / 68 base damage. This move cannot miss. If Particle Diffusion is activated, the target is also stunned for 4 seconds, and any attacks dealt to the target during this duration is increased by 30% in power.

Fighting Spirit StatusIC - 90 second cooldown, 2 second channeling

  • ACTIVE: Corbett, during the 2-second channel, can borrow power from any allies around him, decreasing their attack and special attack by 25% while increasing his own by 25% for 50 seconds. During Fighting Spirit's duration, all of his moves are powered up by 50% and gain additional effects; Earth Power knocks enemies up further and causes them to take the same damage they took in the initial burst as true damage over time, Crush Down inflicts damage upon a wider area and the delay is cut in half; Howling Crusher stuns enemies and knocks them back, and gives double the special attack if Particle Diffusion is activated; Aura Sphere is faster and has a 3 second cooldown instead of 15.

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