Currency / Artifact

If you were looking for the rarer, more valuable red codestones, see Red Codestone.


A Codestone is a type of currency introduced in Neopets. In Neopia, they are used to pay for lessons at the Mystery Island Training School. In User Battle Wiki, they are also used to tax items that originate from Mystery Island.

Methods of Obtainment Edit

You can buy Codestones individually at Starman's MUB Weapon Store (Bri, Har, Main, Mau) or Timson's Rare Shop (Eo, Lu, Orn, Tai-Kai, Vo, and Zei). You may exchange lower-valued Codestones for Red Codestones at Techo Mountain. Other than that, to obtain Codestones, you must win them through events, obtain them through giveaways, or find them hidden on some pages. To redeem a found Codestones, leave a message on an admin's talk page telling them where you found the Codestone and what value it is.