Kirby Cannon
"Tired of popping Bloons? The Cannon gives you all the firepower you need to make them explode."


Guns, Swords, Polearms, and Explosives




+5 armor penetration


Deals 15Icon - Fire damage per 3 shots. 5 second cooldown.

The Cannon is a classic weapon from Bloons Tower Defense. It can be carried and shot or placed with autofire. It builds into a Missile Launcher.

Overview Edit

"Very popular high-tier weapon." Whoever wrote this thing back in 2009 wouldn't have guessed how much the metagame has shifted from items to skills. To compensate for this, not only did cannon get a buff, it got a price reduction, too. And yet, unsurprisingly, it still sucks. 5 armor penetration is decent (for beginners) but not great, and its active attack is easily dodged and pathetically weak. For more armor penetration, see The Brutalizer, which is only 1000 BP. For a better fire attack, see Flamethrower M, only 50 BP more than this. Overall, this weapon should be avoided unless for sentimental value, and even then there's Missile Launcher to fill that empty hole for Bloons Tower Defense utility.

Old Overview Edit

It is a very popular high-tier weapon in both this wiki's battles and in Bloons Tower Defense. Its upgrade is none other than the Missile Launcher. The Cannon does fire damage; if upgraded to Frag Bombs + Missile Launcher, direct damage will be added in as well. Sadly this weapon comes nowhere near Shoop Da Whoop Cannon's range of power. See Shoop Da Whoop Cannon and add in Burrow as well for counters, since Cannon mainly does fire damage.