Brendan (Otherwise known as Lurker)
Race Human
Age 15
Gender Male
Theme Brendan's theme (Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald) (link)
Affiliation Good
Occupation Fanboy, Gym Leader to be
Team User Battle Force
Base of Operations Earth, Hoenn
Primary Skill
Powers Inspired By Pokémon
IRC Nickname Lurker

Brendan is a fanboy that follows the User Battle Force, as he adores them. He considers himself the number 1 fan of the crew. In terms of combat skills, he relies on Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and his Pokémon party.


Born in Johto, he met up with Ethan as he was about to start off on his journey to beat the champion. When his dad, Norman, received a promotion to become a Gym Leader in Hoenn, he moved to Litteroot Town. He became friends with May, who he later competed with to beat the Pokémon League. After defeating Wallace, the league champion at the time, he left off to join the User Battle Force. There, he became friends with the crew, specifically with Dawn.



On HandEdit

Blaziken Aron Scizor Latios Suicune Chansey

With NormanEdit

Dewott Pikachu Grotle


  • Brendan is the only male counterpart to not be excellent at Pokémon.