Ayumi Maizuka
Race Android
Age 19
Gender Female
Theme Unknown
Affiliation Good
Occupation Ninja, student
Primary Skill
Tier F (59)

Physical Appearance Edit

She has pink hair which resembles Bianca's hairstyle except Ayumi does not wear a hat. She wears an olive colored dress. Neing an android most of her body could be considered a weapon. However most of her body is also meant to resemble that of a normal human female thus regular features such as being warm to the touch she has as well. She has an interesting case of heterochromia which means that while her eyes are two different colors, she has these colors on BOTH eyes. She has red and blue eyes but she used to possess blue eyes but now they are quickly turning red. In fact two-thirds of her eyes are already red meaning that she is quickly turning insane.

History Edit

Special Abilities Edit

Spellcaster Despite the fact that she is an android she is actually able to use magic and wield it exceptionally well to the fact that she can use a wide variety of spells.

Hacking Expert She can use her being an android to her advantage by creating methods for hacking possible to the extent of obtaining important files as well as using a special spy device she calls SpyFly.

Weapon Arm She is able to make her left arm become a weapon of her choice.. but her main weapon of choice is a plasma cannon.

Ninja techniques She is actually a ninja meaning that she can use chakra based moves which means that combined with her other two attack techniques, she has a wide array of attack choices.

Base StatsEdit

Base Stats
Stat Quantity
Special Attack
Special Defense
The base stats of Ayumi Maizuka.

Trivia Edit

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