Note! This battle is over!

Saber-X1138: Your attacks on Secret end now. You will not survive once we're done with you...

(*Saber-X draws lightning from the sky, the ground, and from power cables to increase his power, and his body begins to glow a blindingly light blue*)

-Deathwalker says nothing, but only eyes his adversaries analytically-

Deathwalker13000: I did not ask for help did I?


Neon: Nevertheless, I need to test my ability to work together with a villain against my enemies.

(*Saber-X resumes with his attack and manipulates the air around thefallenangel. He hoists him up into the air, jumps, and drives Angel into the ground several yards with a lightning bolt*)

Neon: You're next, Hero.

Thefallenangel407: Well well. When did I get involved in this? Ah well.

[Absorbs the lightning and gets back up from the ground] Remember Parker! I contol electricity too. So don't get cocky!

(*Saber-X teleports behind Angel and gives him a fierce fire-powered uppercut, causing him to backflip twice before he hits the ground*)

Angel: Fire, water and ice are in my domain of elements of which I control as well.

Neon: No matter, I can still kick and punch you all over this battlefield...

Angel: You can't if become my demon form which happens when someoen I have to protect gets even the tiniest scratch...[Looks over at Hero]]

Hero Forever: ?

Thesecret1070: And that is why, my next door neighbor screams at the sky! Hee-Hee!

(*Saber-X picks up Hero Forever and throws her at Angel, knocking them both down.*)

[Turns around to see a tiny scratch on Hero's face]

Angel: Wha- what is this?! Already I must be provoked!

[Eyes turn from hazel to red and gains dog ears and claws]

Angel: My demon! It's awake! Behold! Yeah I know that I basically look the same but believe me I'm not... Anyways!

(*Saber-X puts his left hand forward, ready for the next attack. He glances over his shoulder at Deathwalker, wondering if he will attack.....*)

-Unleashes a burst of fire at Saber-X-

[Disappears at a fast rate and attacks Saber almost immedieately with a flurry of punches that don't give any openings of retailiation]

Angel: This is the full extent of my power! Let's see you stand up to it!

[Stabs Saber after 1000 punches with his new claws]

(*Saber-X absorbs the fire shot by Hero to increase his power, then uses his incredible reflexes to dodge each punch thrown by Angel. Saber-X creates an electric shield to protect against Angel's claw stab.*)

Neon: Where is Deathwalker?

-Deathwalker stands back, prepared to make a move. Suddenly, a flashback jolts through his brain as if he had suffered an electric shock. He falls to his knees, grasping his head in agony-

(*Saber-X looks behind him, astonished.)

Neon: "Deathwalker! What is this pain you feel?"

Hero: A flashback, huh? Now's my chance! -Shoots fire at Deathwalker-

-As soon as the fire contacts Deathwalker's skin, a ripple of thought travels up the flame and strikes Hero. Hero begins to see the same images as Deathwalker.- -A prosperous city, sitting on the side of a mountain... a young, human girl...a strange, elderly elf...The undying scream of a civilization wracked by war and destruction...An entire planet on the very verge of death...a shadowy figure holding a jagged, bloody knife...the remnants of a city decimated by war...a colossal creature several times the size of a planet...-

(*Saber-X tries to see what is so painful in Deathwalker's mind. His eyes glow, and he stretches out his hand, concentrating on Deathwalker's head. Then, Saber-X sees in his own mind the same hell Deathwalker is experiencing. He groans and immediately collapses to the ground...*)

-Hero Forever stands in awe-

Hero: Deathwalker, what is this?!

-the visions stop. Deathwalker collapses, barely holdin onto his last shred of consciousness-

Hero: Was of the worlds that you passed judgment onto?

Arbiter: ""

Hero: Was it your home world?

-Hero Forever starts to cry, upset by the images of war and devastation-

Arbiter: "...I............................some of it. This has never happened before. It must not happen again."

-tries to reassure himself, with difficulty-

Arbiter: "I must be perfect..."

(*Saber-X opens his eyes, his vision a blur, and struggles to stand up. Saber-X says nothing, but realizes the pain that Deathwalker went through. He becomes more confident, then turns to face Angel.*)

Hero: What happened to it?

-Hero Forever attempts to dry her tears-

-still shaken up by his vision-

Arbiter: "'s a... very long story."

-Hero Forever begins involuntarily shooting fire all over the place as a result of the emotional tension-

(*Saber-X absorbs the fire*)

Arbiter: "...I cannot talk about it."

Neon: I feel your pain, Deathwalker. Your mind is truly incredible. But now, we must fight these foes....

Hero: Well, FallenAngel appears to be gone, so...I guess I'm facing you guys alone! Unless...anyone else wants to help me? Anyone...?

Arbiter: "...Two on one is hardly a fair farewell. I shall even the odds for you both."

Saber: Very well. We shall fight some other time, Deathwalker....cooperatively....or as enemies.