Arbiter stands alone in his universe, slowly dismantling it planet by planet, star by star. There is only one piece left for him to destroy, which would cause the end for his universe. But before he can eliminate it, Rune teleports behind Arbiter. Arbiter stops, and without turning around, says- "I have many regrets, and much to atone for. Too much."

"Aren't you coming with us?" asks Rune.

"No. I cannot. When I destroy the last shred of this universe, I shall take my own life as well. In doing so, I hope to atone for my sins."

Deathwalker, you don't have to do this! Please! Listen to me! Killing yourself isn't the answer.

"Why do you wish to forgive me? How can you forgive me for all that I have done?" -Arbiter holds out his hands.- "Do you see these? With these hands, I have destroyed hundreds of civilizations, millions of innocents. These hands belong to nothing more than a murderer. I am an arbiter; by my own standards, I am not worthy to live."

Yes you are, Arbiter! You can redeem yourself by making our universe a better place! You may have done misguided things in the past, but it was your own sorrow that drove you to do it! Now that you've seen what true goodness is, you can better utilize your talents to help people!

"I...I am not sure I can do that...I have always been an outcast, ever since my home and people have died. There is no place in the universe that will accept me, no place that I can call home."

We will accept you. Come with us, Arbiter.

"I...what could I possibly do?"

You could help us spread goodwill towards the human race, and prevent future wars.

"'re right. I must try. I will more time."

-Rune smiles and holds out her hand- Let's go. Friend.

-Arbiter looks up into the eyes of Hero, and smiles; the first time he had ever smiled for hundreds of years. He takes her hand.- "I have said it before, and I will say it again. You remind me so much of her."

-The two teleport back to Rune's universe-

  • Thus concludes the first chapter in the saga of the Chosen Ones*