Arbiter's Grounds


Gerudo Desert


Arbiter's Grounds (link)

The Arbiter's Grounds is a prison built to house the most ruthless criminals while they awaited trial, execution, or exile to the nether realm of the Twilight. The once mighty prison is now devoid of humans; instead, various monsters are scrambled across the floors and basements. It is believed that the Fierce Deity lies dormant on the Mirror Chamber. However, one must obtain the remains of the four bosses of the Arbiter's Grounds before they can awaken the Fierce Deity.



  • Poison Mite - A small beetle that slow downs enemies. They have been modified to deal slight damage over time.


  • Stalhound - A skeletal dog that emerges from the ground.
  • ReDead Knight - An undead warrior with a large sword. It utilizes a paralyzing scream to easily defeat enemies.
  • Stalkin - A skeletal enemy that appears in packs, utilizing spears to attack enemies.
  • Stalfos - A skeletal warrior with a sword and shield.
  • Death Sword - A demon sealed within a sword.


Note that all four bosses take damage equal to the total amount of damage divided by the number of enemies. For example, if there are five opponents, each move will only deal 20% of what it originally would have.


Gyorg is a gargantuan masked fish that inhabits the basement of the prison. The water it inhabits becomes extremely acidic. Gyorg relies on knocking opponents into the water to damage them.


Goht is a masked mechanical monster that inhabits the first floor of the prison. Any area around it is abnormally cold to the point of freezing the mechanical monster. Goht relies on its speed and power to defeat opponents.


Odolwa is a masked jungle warrior that inhabits the second floor of the prison. Odolwa causes an emotional change in enemies around it. Odolwa relies on the moth it summons and its long sword to defeat opponents.


Twinmold is a giant masked insect that inhabits the third floor, which was once the location of Stallord. All enemies around it are cursed, resulting in notable decreases in stats. The largest of the four bosses, Twinmold's body is protected by an exoskeleton that leaves only its head and tail exposed. Its bites are capable of inflicting status conditions.


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