The Alternate Pokémon Timeline is a dimension where many things are different from the normal (User Battle version) Pokémon canon.

Differences from canon Edit

  • Every major trainer is genderswapped.
  • Hoenn and Sinnoh do not exist. Pokémon native to those two regions are instead found in other regions.

Kanto Edit

Storyline Edit

  • The Kanto Gym Leaders were never part of any evil Pokémon organization. As such, the gym leaders remained static.
  • Red receives GHOST alongside her starter. Everything follows the normal Red's storyline up to Lavender Town. When Red disposes of the ghost, alternate Leaf just happens to be leaving the Rock Tunnel. GHOST used Curse on Leaf, killing him with the last of its own energy.

Counterpart names Edit

Unova Edit

Counterpart names Edit

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